How to Repair an iPhone from Liquid Damage?

The most common ‘oops moment” for iPhone users is when their phone is accidentally drowned in water or even partially submerged or spilled some liquid. Your wholesome efforts to save its hardware from any severe damage may yield some initial success. Before you decide to either completely discard your old iPhone to get a new one, or you should go to a repair store with someone with the safest pair of hands in town to do it for you with ease. As soon as you’re done removing any contact from the water source, you must check for the most common signs or symptoms of water damage as listed below.

6 Most Common Signs of iPhone Water Damage to Watch out Before Looking for Repairs!

  • Try Restarting Your iPhone: If your screen has gone blank immediately after recovery, the first thing you should do is try to restart your iPhone. Suppose it takes longer than usual to restart or is stuck on flashing Apple Logo. In that case, this is a warning sign that it needs immediate repair by an expert professional.

  • Check for Service Indicator: If you’re getting success with the restart of your phone, check for the service indicator whether it shows poor service or even no service at all. If there is nothing wrong with it, it means you are good to go. Still, any issues with this service indicator warrant the experience of a repair professional.

  • No SIM Card Signal: If you get this signal, it means there is significant water damage to either the SIM card alone or damage to the tray as well that holds the SIM card. This issue can be fixed by replacing damaged parts with an expert technician in town.

  • Try Charging Your iPhone: If your charging port, unfortunately, comes in prolonged water contact, there is certainly a high likelihood that it will start giving you issues while charging. If you are having a hard time charging your iPhone after water damage, you should get into your nearest iPhone repair center in Chicago to find a quick fix resolution for you.

  • iPhone Is Producing Heat While Charging: In case your iPhone is charging successfully after coming in contact with water, another issue that you must check for is if your iPhone is not getting hot while charging. If it is, this certainly points towards damage to the phone battery, which needs immediate replacement by a skilled professional.

  • Check the Sound Quality: Water damage can play havoc with mesmerizing sounds of your iPhone. Check for the sound quality of your iPhone, and if you are not pleased with any input or output sounds, then certainly there is something wrong with your iPhone speakers, which needs immediate repairs. The good news for you is iPhone speakers can be replaced by any nearest iPhone repair store in Chicago.

The Question Still Remains - How To Repair Water Damaged iPhone?

Once you have made a complete and thorough assessment of water damage to your iPhone as above, your next step will be to find out how to repair water-damaged iPhones. The water-damaged iPhone repairs certainly can be achieved with the help of a team of skilled experts to do the same for you. The six issues mentioned above can be easily fixed with minor or major repairs or damaged parts replacing only premium parts. So, look for “who fix water damaged iPhones?” and obtain a cost estimate, which will help you decide whether to go ahead with repairs or buy a new iPhone altogether.

It is Essential to Get an Estimate for iPhone Liquid Damage Repair Costs!

All the signs mentioned above that you must have checked by now can easily make for the liquid damage repair cost. Out of all the six issues outlined above, if you’re faced with only less than three issues, there is certainly an excellent chance for you to make a complete recovery of your water-damaged iPhone without needing to pay a heavy price to get a new iPhone. For buying the new iPhone option, be prepared as the migration of phone data to the new iPhone is indeed a task in itself.

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