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Our company is committed to delivering the foremost in repairs for the top cell phones including iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Samsung, LG, HTC, and more. We can also provide repair on a computer, game console and tablet devices. Our staff is consistently researching so that we can deliver all of the best repairs on the top models. We also regularly stock manufacturer specific parts so that we can provide quick hot-swap repairs for a number of common issues.
As well as keeping a large stock of refurbished models on-site we can also deliver some of the fastest repairs in our industry. If you drop off your computer, smartphone or game console at our store we will take it into our back workshop and diagnose the issue very quickly. We can provide fair and honest quotes for the replacement using original manufacturer specific parts. Our staff members will perform all repairs on-site using our specific tool-set and knowledge.
This can save you time as you won’t have to send away to get parts swapped out or wait weeks for repairs due to shipping.
laptop mother board repair
Welcome to Cell N Comp Repairs. Trusted & Professional Cell Phone Repair & Computer Repair store in Chicago that is fixing gadget for the last 9+ years. We specialize in iPhone, iPad and Mac Repair. At Our Store, you will get the fastest Phone repair service with the best price in town.
Whether you have experienced problems with a broken screen, you need a new battery, a new charger or your device simply won’t power on anymore our staff can look into some of these issues and more. We are confident that our repairs will keep your devices running and we stand by the common fixes in repairs that we complete on a wide range of electronics.
As technology continues to update we will also continue to update our knowledge on all of the latest model smartphone, tablet and laptop. This ensures that we can continue to perform parts as well as carry an inventory of replacement stock.
Contact us today, check out our instant fixing services online or come in and visit us to learn more today!


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