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iPhone Camera Repair Price List

ModelFront CameraBack Camera
iPhone 12 PRO MAXCall UsCall Us
iPhone 12 PROCall UsCall Us
iPhone 12 MiniCall UsCall Us
iPhone 12Call UsCall Us
iPhone 11 PRO MAX$79$139
iPhone 11 PRO$79$129
iPhone 11$69$119
iPhone XS MAX$69$119
iPhone XS$69$109
iPhone XR$59$99
iPhone X$59$99
iPhone 8 Plus$59$99
iPhone 8$49$79
iPhone 7 Plus$49$89
iPhone 7$49$59
iPhone 6s Plus$39$39
iPhone 6s$39$39
iPhone 6 Plus$39$39
iPhone 6$39$39
iPhone 5/5c/5se/5e$29$29

iPhone Camera Repair – Capture Your Best Shot!

Our iPhone repair services are well-known in Chicago. Cell N Comp Repairs have solemnly resolved highly-disturbing Apple iPhone damage issues in a short time, and even severe damages, which might take a little longer time for getting cured, but eventually the iPhone owner gets relieved. Our company’s motto is to make the iPhones ‘as good as new’ after the repair services; you can contact us and get yours repaired too! Notably, our schedules are such that all users coming to us for repairs get quick-fix resolution of their iPhone problems.

Camera Features in iPhone

iPhone camera can detect up to 10 faces in one single scene, and behind the scenes, it

balances the exposure across faces. All the current versions of the iPhone include the focus pixel sensor. It’s like a fancy tool under the hood for helping the cameras to focus

better & faster. Also, for all iPhone models, Apple has upgraded the processors.

Back camera or main camera: 

Mostly, the primary camera, the back camera, or the rear camera is used for taking pictures (or videos). For this, iPhone users use the camera switch present at the bottom-right corner of the iPhone screen and get going with the photo sessions! This is used when the iPhone user takes pictures not of themselves but others. Taking pictures is the norm today. Whether you are eating at a fancy restaurant, doing your daily workout, whatnot, taking pictures and videos has become a kind of a mandatory thing. And the iPhone camera does not disappoint in this area; instead, iPhone users happily take photos and videos as the main camera quality is outstanding.

Front camera or selfie camera:

Sometimes, iPhone users wish to capture

selfies or take shots of their pretty faces, to post on their social media

handles like Facebook, Instagram, etc. For this, they tap the back/front camera

switch present at the bottom-right corner of the iPhone screen for toggling between the front camera and the back camera. This feature is used to take selfies, i.e., when iPhone users take pictures of themselves. These days, taking selfies and uploading them on social media has become the order of the day. The iPhone has an excellent front camera for the users to be happy and content with this exercise of taking selfies.

When Your Clicking Companion Is Sick!

The most widely talked about feature that Apple users love is its robust iPhone Camera, the quality of which should never be compromised. So, if you’re unfortunate to face any troubles with your iPhone camera, you must be looking for a trusted source to fix it for you. An iPhone camera is known for clicking the best shots, and users love these captures. We certainly understand your plight after your iPhone camera stops working well and faces some issues, because of which, you might not be able to capture your moods and occasions. You would need a repair service urgently! To make your camera do its clicking job again with precision is what we do with perfection! You can contact us today to get the best service in town!

Genuine iPhone Camera Repair Services in Chicago!

We are here in Chicago with our team of experts ready to assist you 24×7 to deliver relentless and genuinely genuine service for iPhone camera repair in Chicago. We repair broken and busted digital cameras. You can be assured to get the best quality Apple iPhone camera repair service done almost instantly at our service center of excellence, well known for providing quality front  iPhone camera repair services. Following are the services we provide:

  • iPhone front camera repair
  • iPhone camera glass repair
  • iPhone camera repair service
  • Apple iPhone camera lens repair
  • iPhone camera lens repair in Chicago

We Are Open to Talks!

As a new visitor, any individual might have a lot of queries, which shouldn’t go unanswered as far as our pursuit is concerned. So, please do not hesitate to put forth any concern you have related to your iPhone device or our Apple iPhone repair services. We unequivocally will acknowledge and answer all your questions to our best abilities. 

We Fix iPhone Camera Both Front & Back

Did the camera on your iPhone stopped working after you dropped your phone, or the picture from the camera is blurry or fuzzy after liquid damage, Don’t worry; we can help you fix the issue.

We will first inspect your device to see if the camera is damaged or the connector is damaged; based on the diagnosis, if the camera is bad and it needs to be replaced, Don’t worry, and we have all the model of both front & back cameras are in stock. We can fix your device in 1 hour.

We Replace Cracked Camera Lens on All iPhones

One of the main features of the iPhone is its camera, and it is protected by so-called strong sapphire glass, which tends to break or get scratched very easily. If this is the case, your phone’s camera is almost useless because all the pictures taken by it will have cracked glass impressions on it. Don’t worry; we change the camera lens on all iPhone models and have all the necessary parts in stock. Repair time would be around 1hr to 1.5 hrs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why flash light doesn't work on my iPhone?

One of the reason for flash light not to work is due to the failure of camera.

Back camera on my iPhone looks blurry, do I need to replace the camera?

Make sure weather the lens on the camera is broken or not , most of the time when the lens break the dust deposit and damage the camera that’s how it give you blurry image. In this case you need to replace the camera and lens as well.

The front and back camera on my iPhone doesn't work, are they both one unit, how come both fails same time?

The front and the back camera are separate units  You are right, both units cannot fail at same time unless an accident happens.

Once the camera changed on my iPhone, does my face id works?

It depends how badly is damage, if it just cable ripped than it can be fixed.


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