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Get exceptional repair services in Chicago for your gaming console today!

Get your favorite game console back up and running with ease. Whether you are the owner of an Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, or Xbox one, we can service and repair each one of these game consoles and more. We even have original manufactured parts for many retro consoles to bring them back to life.

We can help you in the event of any error from overheating to graphics card issues, disk drive problems, power supply problems, storage problems, or even a broken HDMI port. Regardless of what may be wrong with your game console, we can diagnose the issue and provide a comprehensive quote for the cost of replacement and repair.

If you are a serious gamer, it cannot be easy to go without your game console for several days. Our rush repair services are much faster than sending your console back to the manufacturer or using your warranty to receive repairs. Our repairs also utilize manufacturer original components to get the same quality repair that you would get from the manufacturer. The only difference is that instead of taking months for repairs, you can potentially have your repairs back in just a matter of hours.

List of the Consoles We Repair

  • PS2
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo GameCube
  • And many more!

Today, every household owns a video game console, ranging from the latest Xbox and PlayStation to the classic Nintendo and Wii. These gaming consoles offer excellent leisure and entertainment and can be a great bonding method for family members. Consider how a father and his children can enjoy a great game on any console. Similarly, people may invite friends and family members over for a gaming night. Recently, with the inclusion of high-end online gaming and multiplayer systems, these consoles have formed a connection between players from around the globe.

However, video game consoles are prone to damage and wear and tear like every piece of machinery. Don’t worry! Cell N Comp is there to sort things out for you!
Our team of repairing professional technicians can work with any gaming console and perform all types of repairs, ranging from simple Game Console HDMI Port Repair to the highly complex Console Disk Upgrades; with Cell N Comp, you name the service, we shall perform it for you.

Types of Game Console Repair Services We Offer

  • Get your HDMI Port Repaired Instantly

Your console’s HDMI port helps to connect it with widescreen displays. A faulty port may cause the display to blur out or completely darken. Don’t worry! Our team can offer immediate repairs at affordable costs for such damaged ports. Call our helpline today and request a game console hdmi repair service.

  • Can’t load the CD/ DVD/ Blu-Ray? Let Us Help You Out!

You can practically play no game on most consoles without a working disk drive. Many people still own classic consoles like PS2, Nintendo GameCube, and others that can only run-on disk-based games. Most repairing centers fails to offer quality repair services for such consoles. However, all your repairs can be completed quickly with Cell N Comp Repairs!

  • Do you have Problems sharing your Device? Let us Repair it for you.

Some consoles, like the Nintendo Wii, are battery-powered. A faulty charging port for such consoles can damage their battery permanently or cause serious battery-timing issues. Contact our team of professionals at Cell N Comp today and hire our high-end repairing services immediately for a faulty charging port.

  • Facing Problems with Your Console’s Load Times? Cell N Comp Can Solve your Issue!

Sometimes, software or hardware issues may result in booting issues for your console. In some cases, the system does not even boot, or booting can take considerable time and become frustrating. In all such cases, our team can diagnose the underlying issue and solve it in minimal time to get your game in perfect working condition.

  • Need More Space on your Console? Get your Disk Upgraded by Cell N Comp Repairs Today!

Sometimes, you need disk upgrades to boost your console’s performance or make it more efficient. Save considerable sums and enhance your console’s disk with our exceptional services today! We offer localized console disk upgrades at a fraction of manufacturers’ prices for the service.

Why Choose Cell N Comp’s For Game Console Repairs?

Since our first day of operation, Cell N Comp Repairs has developed its reputation for offering high-end Game Console Repairs. We ensure:

  • Complete protection of your game and its spare parts during the service process.
  • Meeting all requirements of the gamer when performing any service.
  • Diagnosing the reason behind any damage and informing the customer regarding the same.
  • Supplying only genuine replacement parts.
  • Completing all required repairs at a fraction of the total costs when done through manufacturers

Contact Us Today!

If you need any game console repair or related services, our team is ready to help you out! Just give us a Call Us: 1-773-942-4329 or fill out our contact form!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work on any gaming console?

Yes! Our team has the expertise in all types game console repair, including classic ones such as PS2 and Nintendo GameCube, that is no longer fixed officially by manufacturers.

Are all repair spare parts completely genuine?

Our team works with integrity. Ensuring the best quality work for the customer is the main priority. As such, all spare parts we use are entirely genuine.

Will I save money by hiring Cell N Comp?

In essence, time is money. Apart from charging lower than market prices for our services, we ensure that you can get your video gaming console repaired in minimal time. This way, you save considerable time and get back to gaming immediately.


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