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Laptop & PC Repair Service We Provide

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With the help of our experts, you can get back up and running with your broken laptop or desktop device without having to worry about ongoing computer issues. Our staff can service almost any make or model computer, and we have many compatible parts to perform upgrades.

Whether your computer has been severely damaged in an accident, suffering a cracked screen or compromised hard drive, or you need to upgrade the processing power of your device, our staff members can help. We have been providing Professional Computer Repairs for the last 8 to 9 years.

We fix MacBook, Apple iMac, Toshiba, Asus, Dell, and more. With a wealth of manufacturer-specific parts like motherboards, ram, and graphics cards available, we can often perform computer repairs much faster and cheaper than any store.

The problem with sending your device back to the manufacturer is that you may often have to wait several months to get it back. By coming into our shop, we can not only provide you with upgrades and solutions but repair options that can suit your budget and timescale.

Regardless of the computer issues, you are having or your needs for upgrades, our trained staff can provide repair services for you at our store.

List Of Laptop and Computer Repair Services We Provide.

  • Laptop Screen Repair

It is impossible to get work done on your laptop without an active screen. A heavy fall, bump, or impact may cause the laptop screen to shatter completely. We offer all Laptop screen repair services, including LED, LCD, OLED, touchscreen, etc. 

  • Laptop DC Jack Repairs

Without a functional DC jack, your laptop won’t turn on. Furthermore, a faulty charging port on a laptop can lead to motherboard damage. Our team of experts can repair your laptop DC Jack effectively.

  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Over time, due to regular usage of the keyboard, it may face considerable wear and tear, leading to unfunctional keys, connection problems, or physical damage. Finding the right replacement keywords and formally replacing them is no longer a challenge with Cell N Comp repair. We can replace the keyboard for laptops of all makes and models.

  • Laptop Hinges Repair

If you notice that your laptop’s screen opener is either not moving correctly or has become very loose, you may require hinge repair services. Although the hinges are very durable, they can lose their elasticity over time. We can replace your laptop’s hinges with genuine replacement items throughout in-house services.

  • Laptop Battery Replacement

Portability is the most significant benefit of laptops over traditional desktop towers. However, without a functional battery, your laptop will be struck in a single place. Batteries can get damaged over time, charge slowly, and lose power quickly. If you face any of these issues, contact us today for laptop battery replacement by our team.

  • Virus Removal

Viruses, malware, trojans, spyware, and other malicious software can damage your files, steal your data, and cause serious data privacy issues. In extreme cases, they may damage the computer system irreversibly. Therefore, in case you suspect the presence of any virus on your computer, let Cell N Comp Repairs handle it professionally and immediately. Our team will remove the virus in the best way possible, causing maximum safety of your data.

  • Data Recovery

Losing all your data can wreak havoc for many businesses and individuals. Essential records, statistics, and other information may be lost as a result. Therefore, having reliable data recovery services by your side can always come in handy; our team uses professional software and tools to recover data from all forms of damaged disks immediately.

  • Ram Upgrade

Running many processes and tasks simultaneously on your system requires considerable RAM power and space. Therefore, many people opt to upgrade their computer’s memory to gain the best outcome from the system. We offer complete RAM upgrades and ensure that all RAMs are installed correctly to maximize benefit.

  • SSD Upgrade

Disk space issues are common for people who use their computers regularly for personal and professional purposes. Instead of changing your laptop, consider upgrading its SSD to increase the disk space and store more data.

  • Windows OS Install/ Re-Install

With the recent updates by Microsoft, installing Windows on a new system or reinstalling it after a system complete reboot may be very technical for many users. Additionally, users may require help in setting up the OS system. For this purpose, Cell N Comp Repairs offers high-end Windows installation services on all compatible systems.

  • Password Removal

Often, people miss out on the password they set for their devices, causing problems in using the machine, managing it, or retrieving data. Our team has the necessary software and premium tools to remove the passwords from any system without causing any damage to your files or data.

  • Power Issue

Cord failure or issues with the internal system may meddle with the power sourcing of the computer. If your computer isn’t starting correctly, loses power midway during work, or has any other power-related issue, contact Cell N Comp Repairs to help solve the problem.

  • Over Heating Issue

The over-heated system can cause damage to its internal components, causing frequent breakdowns and increasing the need for constant repairs. Consider hiring our team to formally diagnose the issue with the system and propose the best way to cool it down.

  • Graphics Issue

Are the graphics on your computer screen not appearing as they are supported too, are they very dull or have patches of white spaces in them? If yes, then your graphic card may need a repair or replacement. Get in touch with Cell N Comp Repairs to solve your graphics-related issues today.

We Fix Any Make & Model Laptop or PC In No Time

Computer systems have become a necessity today for personal and professional lives for various requirements. Such regular usage may lead to considerable wear and tear and damage to the components of the computer system. Therefore, having reliable Computer repair services by their side is no less than a blessing for any laptop or PC owner.

With Cell N Comp Repairs, you can get your computer system back to peak working condition in no time. Our team can diagnose the exact issue with any broken device irrespective of the make and model and help solve the problem immediately. Plus, you don’t need to find an outside source for compatible spare parts. Instead, we have everything required to upgrade your device.

For all types of damages, including fall damage, laptop screen repairs, and complete battery replacements, We offer dedicated services that have helped many people over the past seven years.

The best part about our service is the minimal wait time. Most people vary on official manufacturer repairs due to the time required for shipping the laptop and getting it back. Sometimes, the procedure can take several months. However, we perform all services in-house at our facility. Therefore, meeting your timescale and budget is easy for us.

Major Makes and Models We Repair

Currently, our team can perform all types of computer repair services, including the ones from:

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Toshiba
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • ASUS
  • Acer

And Many More

Why Choose Our Computer Repair Services?

We believe in assisting you to make an informed decision about the best service to select for your requirements. Getting your laptop or Computer repaired by us has the following significant benefits:

  • Formal Diagnosis: Our team checks the entire computer system to find the real issue causing the problem with your computer. This way, our solutions are permanent.
  • Price Factor: Our prices are much lower than official manufacturer repairs
  • One-Stop-Shop: We offer comprehensive laptop and Computer repair services that cover all the different categories of issues and problems faced by computer owners.
  • Modern Methods: We have all the modern tools and equipment to ensure perfect service quality.
  • Timely Delivery: With us, you can get your perfectly working computer device back in minimal time.

Consider contacting us and getting the best services for your faulty PC or laptop today!

Instead of wasting significant sums on official manufacturer repairs, consider giving us a try. Our team of experts will get the job done in the best way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair your PC?

Factors affecting PC repair cost:

  • Type of repair needed
  • Brand and model of PC
  • Expertise of repair service provider

Consult a professional technician for an accurate estimate.

How much does Best Buy Geek Squad charge?

Best Buy Geek Squad provides a range of gadget repair services at varying costs:

  • Pricing depends on the specific issue and type of gadget.
  • To get an accurate estimate, visit a Best Buy store or contact Geek Squad directly.
  • Charges include labor and replacement parts.
Is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer?

Factors to consider when deciding to repair or replace a computer:

  • Cost of repairs
  • Availability of parts
  • Performance of older models
  • Cost of upgrades

Consult a computer repair professional for expert advice.

Why My PC Boot Slow?

The Reasons For Slow Boot.

  1. If the PC has slowed down and takes much time to boot, it may be because of many programs running on.
  2. It can be a virus.
  3. The problem can be hardware, such as a Hard drive Mother Board.

Except this, if still, the problem exists, then you should need a computer repair service. If you are in Chicago then visit us at Cell n Comp Repairs.

Why is my PC not turning on?

The Reasons For Not Turning On.

  1. Check Power Supply.
  2. Check The Power Cable.
  3. Check The Mother Board.
My laptop turns on, but no display?

The Reasons For No Display.

  1. Screen can be one of the reason.
  2. inverter can be the another reason.
  3. GPU which will be on the main board, can be the third reason.
I want to build a high-performance custom gaming desktop; how can I do it?

Yes we do build custom gaming desktop, and we can help you with that.


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