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The world today has shrunk down to just an extremely small yet very powerful mobile device, and you definitely can sense the true beauty of this entire world, primarily through your iPhone device. But when this device is accidentally shattered, you feel like the whole world is trembling down in front of you, and you ought to feel helpless and out of options. Earlier, it was difficult to find a reliable service center that can perform good iPhone repair quickly, but now there is a truly trustworthy and dependable iPhone Repair Service in Chicago, and the name is Cell N Comp Repairs. You can trust Cell N Comp Repairs when it comes to any issue regarding your iPhone device.

Common Problems That Occur with iPhones

Smartphones and damages go hand-in-hand! As these are our delicate darlings, which are prone to malfunctions and damages. A simple slip-off from our hands can break the screen of our most prized possession! Yeah! This is sad but true. Also, being an electronic device, our treasured possession is susceptible to malfunctioning even if any part goes unwell! Some of the common problems that one can usually encounter with the iPhones and we got them covered for you.

  • Overheating
  • Slowing down of the phone system 
  • Wi-Fi not connecting
  • The cellular connection is not getting established on the iPhone device
  • iPhone device has got stuck over the Apple logo
  • the iPhone app has freeze or the phone is crashing randomly
  • the newest version update seems to be unavailable
  • Cracked iPhone screen 
  • iPhone data has been lost
  • The phone camera has stopped functioning
  • Quick battery drain is happening
  • Damage has happened due to fluids
  • The phone is not getting charged
  • The touchscreen isn’t working
  • Bluetooth issues have arisen
  • The volume button has got stuck
  • User is not able to back up his data

Our Entire Service Portfolio 

Here is our entire service portfolio of Cell N Comp Repairs for the best quality iPhone Repair Services in Chicago.

#1 – Get Quick iPhone Screen Repair Service:

 Don’t worry too much seeing your shattered screen or too many scratches. Whatever may be the reason, you now have the luxury to avail truly world-class iPhone screen repair in Chicago area by your very own Cell N Comp Repairs. 

#2 – Lightning Fast iPhone Battery Replacement:

 iPhone batteries are known to last long, but in case you’re having battery issues or battery dying down too quickly, it means your phone warrants immediate, genuine iPhone battery replacement. At Cell N Comp Repairs, we provide original iPhone batteries, which are as good as new.

#3 – Quick iPhone Charging Port Repair:

If your iPhone is not charging properly, it’s high time to check your iPhone charging port if it needs repair. We can undertake iPhone charging port repair to perfection. 

#4 – Get iPhone Back Glass Repair Quickly:

You definitely wouldn’t like to live with cracked iPhone back glass and need special attention to get iPhone Back Glass Repair quickly. Come to us! At Cell N Comp Repairs, we provide back glass repair for all iPhone models. 

#5 – Genuine iPhone Camera Repair:

We are here in Chicago with our team of experts ready to assist you 24×7 to deliver relentless and truly genuine iPhone Camera Repair service.

#6 – Hassle-free iPhone Speaker Repair:

You can certainly depend on us for hassle-free iPhone Speaker Repair done quickly so you can up the ante and enjoy the bass. 

#7 – Seamless iPhone Button Repair:

An iPhone’s sticky or mal-functioning buttons are truly disturbing, and one can easily feel short of options. You don’t need to bother about getting seamless iPhone button repair done by our experts on board in the Chicago area. 

The Best iPhone Repair – Right Here!

Best Store to Repair Broken iPhone

If you are having any issues with your new apple iPhone lately, you can bring your device to our store; we can fix it while you wait. We have qualified, experienced technicians who will work on your device and fix it in no time.

Most Trusted For iPhone Repair

Today, hundreds of stores offer iPhone repair services, and It isn’t straightforward to select the one you can trust with your expensive device. But, we can assure you that you cannot go wrong if you choose us.

These are not just words; you can check how our customers ranked us for our work on all platforms.

Cheap Place To Fix Apple iPhone

We offer the best prices in Chicago to fix all issues on iPhone’s; our price start’s from $29 and changes with the model for details price select your model or repair from above,

Our customer satisfaction is our priority; we use the best parts based on our customer’s budget. We have economical price repair and premium price repair based on the parts used for repair. We gave our customers an option to choose what they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to fix my iPhone?

It all depends on which model and whats the issues are with it.

What model of iPhone do we fix?

Wе rераіr аnу iPhone mоdеl: 5, 5S, SE, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Pluѕ, 7, 7 Pluѕ, 8, 8 Pluѕ, X, XR, XS, XS Mаx аnd іnсludіng thе lаtеѕt iPhone models, 11, 11 Prо, аnd 11 Prо Mаx.

What are the chances of my iPhone getting back to life after liquid damage?

It depends on how long it was in the liquid and how badly it is damaged. Most of the time, chances are 50-50 percent.

Trying to update my iPhone but it is not going through.

In this case, you need to connect your iPhone to iTunes and update it. If still, it is not updating, then this is a possibility of a hardware issue.


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