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From cracked iPad screens to ipad charging port repair, we’ve got you covered! iPads are extremely popular these days. These are useful for dealing with both work and social or personal issues. An iPad is much lighter and easier to get out than a laptop, so many people use it daily. But what about when things go wrong?

Our iPad repair services include the following:

  • iPad screen repair
  • iPad battery replacement
  • iPad charging port repair
  • iPad Camera repair
  • iPad speaker repair
  • iPad button repair

Let’s take a look at each iPad repair service in turn.

iPad Screen Repair

If you have managed to smash your iPad – may be on the bathroom floor or the pavement – you might end up with a cracked screen! Don’t worry too much, because it is possible to get it repaired. Although you can get home DIY kits for repairing iPads, if not done properly will damage more, it’s always best to ask the experts, and we can help. We will get your cracked iPad glass or LCD screen fixed in no time at all. And it’s cheaper than you might think! Depending on your model, the cost to get your iPad screen fixed varies.

iPad Battery Replacement

Do you find yourself needing to charge your iPad way more often than you used to? The chances are that you have a run-down battery, and it’s time for it to be replaced. If that’s no longer the case, contact us, and we can fit you a new iPad battery and bring it back to life! An iPad battery should last 10 hours, so you should be able to go all day without needing to recharge it.

iPad Charging Port Repair

Are you finding that there are suddenly charging issues with your iPad? Perhaps the iPad itself is not broken, but you can’t seem to charge it anymore. You likely have a broken iPad port, but this is easy to solve. We can completely replace your iPad charging port with prices starting from $89.

iPad Camera Repair

If your front or rear camera is not working, or you are starting to see flaws or out-of-focus pictures, then you may need your iPad camera repaired. It could be an electrical component failure, but the most common issue that we deal with is accidental damage. We can swap the broken camera for a new one, test the quality of the pictures and then seal it down again.

iPad Speaker Repair

‘What happened to my music?’ We hear you ask!

It could be that your iPad speaker is faulty, broken, or water damaged. We can replace the speaker in your iPad, double-check the sound quality and let you know to come and collect it when it is fixed.

iPad Button Repair

One of the most common iPad button issues is a broken home button. If your home button is not working, it could be that you have a hardware problem, but it is more likely that it’s the button that’s broken and not the whole iPad. Meanwhile, there is a temporary workaround – switch on Assistive Touch! You can bring your iPad into our store to fix the button.

Affordable Place for iPad Repair in Chicago

One of the most loved gadgets in today’s time by Schools, Offices & Homes, has evolved as an alternative to a laptop with a lot more features built-in it, iPad has become one of the vital parts of most operation in daily life.

With this said, it is a very fragile and sensitive device that tends to break with rough usage or by an unwanted drop; whenever you face any issue with your iPad.

We offer the best prices to fix all issues on iPad; our price start’s from $69 and changes with the model for details price select your model or repair from above,
Many people presume that it is costly to fix an iPad and that it would be better to buy a new iPad, and that’s often not the case because our price is way affordable.

Don’t hesitate to call Cell N Comp Repairs in Chicago; we will fix any problem with your broken iPad. Our expert technicians have over eight years of experience in Ipad repair Serices, so your device will be repaired by one who knows the device in and out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to repair an iPad?

Consider the damage, age, and personal value when deciding whether to repair an iPad. Minor issues like a cracked screen are worth repairing, while extensive damage may be cheaper. Buying a new one may be more practical if the iPad is old and near the end of its lifespan. Compare repair costs to potential benefits before deciding.

Can iPad be repaired?

We offer premium repair services for iPads through us. Whether you have a cracked screen or any other hardware or software issue, we can diagnose and fix problems on different iPad models. For high-quality repairs, visit us directly. Their trained experts use premium parts and follow professional repair guidelines. Get in touch with them to have your iPad fixed professionally.

How much money is it to fix an Apple iPad?

The cost of repairing an Apple iPad varies based on the issue and model. Repairs typically range from $100 to $500 or more, depending on the extent of the damage and parts needed. Compare prices and services to find a reputable provider using genuine Apple parts. Handle your iPad carefully, follow Apple’s maintenance guidelines, and avoid unnecessary damage.

iPad shows charging but it wont charge, what can me the reason?

First check the charger and electric outlet, if the issue is still. Than they are three possibility for this issue, charging port, battery, or charging  Tristar IC issue.

My iPad is smashed so bad, is still fixable?

Oh yes, if it is turning on than it is fixable.

I stepped on my iPad and it got cracked and the frame bend. Can it get repaired?

Yes, We can still fix the iPad; you don’t have to worry about the bent.

The home button of my iPad got broken and its not working at all, how can I fix it?

Cell N Comp Repairs fix all kind of apple products, we can fix the home button too, all the functionality is going to work except the finger print.


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