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After going to a couple of other phone repair places and them telling me it’s super hard to replace an... read more
Mir opa Avatar
Mir opa
Went today as a walk in, was given a very reasonable price on a screen repair and the service... read more
Ashley Mosser Avatar
Ashley Mosser
I spilt water on my Galaxy A24 and the touch screen stopped working. Sammi was able to replace the screen... read more
Meaghan Fish Avatar
Meaghan Fish
10/10 service! I came with a damaged iPhone 11 phone screen and the technician was really nice. He said it’ll... read more
J A Avatar
I went to Cell N Comp Repair shop to get fix my charging port. They fixed it for me in... read more
safu Engineer Avatar
safu Engineer
Fast, reasonable, and communicative. What more could you ask! As far as the workmanship goes, there was definitely some glue... read more
Sarah Dribin Avatar
Sarah Dribin
Amazing work and service!! I dropped my phone and lost all screen ability. Cell n Comp repaired completely in 40... read more
Ellen Cohen Avatar
Ellen Cohen
They fixed charger portal on my galaxy s21+, did an excellent job, only 1.5hr and only 100$. Very good place,... read more
Konstantin Lebedev Avatar
Konstantin Lebedev
Had my laptop battery changed and play station remote batteries changed within one day notice. Awesome service! Very reasonable price... read more
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Jon L Avatar
Jon L
Cell N Comp Repairs fixed my Android cellphone, for a reasonable price, and had the part in stock. I first... read more
Audrey Williams Avatar
Audrey Williams
I will always do my phone business with this wonderful family business! They are kind, knowledgeable and very efficient! Kudos... read more
Dottie Hayes Avatar
Dottie Hayes
Awesome job! I took my Apple Watch Series 4 with a cracked screen in for repair. They replaced the glass... read more
Milenko Bandur Avatar
Milenko Bandur
The gentlemen at cell n comp repairs replaced both the front and back glass and the camera glass cover of... read more
Rahul G Avatar
Rahul G
I was so excited. The repair was done within 30 minutes. Good job indeed. Would like to tell friends of... read more
Israel Olopo Avatar
Israel Olopo
These guys are amazing. My screen was pretty broken on my iPhone 11, my younger brother also had a broken... read more
Diego Guijosa Avatar
Diego Guijosa
Recently dropped of a laptop after it was in a reboot loop and one of the ports stopped working. They... read more
Aidan Olson Avatar
Aidan Olson
I had broke my screen on my galaxy note 10+. I had called multiple repair companies and everyone could repair... read more
Carla Pena Avatar
Carla Pena
Got my phone right together looks brand new again . 👏🏽 my glass back was cracked also my green protector... read more
summer barker Avatar
summer barker
I just visited cell and Comp Repairs and I must say out of all of the repair stores in the... read more
Raida Mahmud Avatar
Raida Mahmud
They was so nice I happy he fixed my phone the price was good not expensive👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
mame fama niang Avatar
mame fama niang
I'm so happy. I have diabetes and was unable to get my phone and watch to work together to display... read more
Neville White Avatar
Neville White
I have a s22 Ultra and the sim card giving problem and I couldn't get no one to... read more
shawneil samuels Avatar
shawneil samuels
5 star ratingI needed a fast repair on my iPhone X and my wife's iPhone 8. We got great service in about... read more
Robert H. Avatar
Robert H.
4 star ratingWe went in around 6:30 pm to get an iphone fixed, they took down our info and then spent about... read more
Isra A. Avatar
Isra A.
9/22/2022 I'll get right to the point. These guys are simply the best. I took in a severley damaged phone,... read more
Karl Avatar
Vert good costumer service when there To fix. My Phone and it took only 20 minutes those guys that work... read more
Anthony Jernagin Avatar
Anthony Jernagin
I dropped my phone and broke my S10+. Called around. They had the cheapest price and it was SAME DAY... read more
Ellis Douglas Avatar
Ellis Douglas
I am 100% satisfied with PC repairs they gave me 3 times for different issues, this time my PC was... read more
Muhamed Mahmutovic Avatar
Muhamed Mahmutovic
5 star ratingTook my iPhone 12 Pro in for a charging port issue and they got it done in less than an... read more
Edgar M. Avatar
Edgar M.
5 star ratingFinally decided to repair my Galaxy S9+. Typically I do my own repairs but this is an item that I... read more
Jeremy F. Avatar
Jeremy F.
Went to get my back screen repaired for the iPhone 12 mini. Great service.
Jasmine Villalobos Avatar
Jasmine Villalobos
The person who helped me was very friendly.and the service was fast
Angel Herrera Avatar
Angel Herrera
5 star ratingI have come to this business twice already and have been extremely satisfied both times. I came in to fix... read more
Alexis C. Avatar
Alexis C.
I've been going to Cell N Comp Repairs for over 7 years and I've gotten my phone, Ipad and... read more
Tony Long Avatar
Tony Long
I have change my phone screen i got best deal With cell n comp repairs
Genaro Hernandez Teran Avatar
Genaro Hernandez Teran
I've been going to Cell N Comp Repairs for over 7 years and I've gotten my phone, Ipad and... read more
FashionBar LLC Avatar
FashionBar LLC
Awful. Took a week and a half to fix my iPad. Never got an estimate. Made things right immediately.... read more
Noel Sinclair Avatar
Noel Sinclair
Brought my daughters iPad in for repair. Never got an estimate and took a week and a half to change... read more
Noel Sinclair Avatar
Noel Sinclair
5 star ratingI highly recommend Cell N Comp Repairs. Sammy and his team fixed the power cord port on my laptop.... read more
Peggy S. Avatar
Peggy S.
Excellent service quick and problem solving. They retrieved phone which could not be done by many other people. Great
ramana Gowri Avatar
ramana Gowri
Thank you for your wonderful service!! You did a phenomenal job fixing my camera and you did it very quick!!... read more
Devorah Leah Moscowitz Avatar
Devorah Leah Moscowitz
Thank you guys for fixing my cracked iPhone XR screen, I really appreciate your fast phone repair service.
Maki Fadoul Avatar
Maki Fadoul
Fixed my LG phone Sim tray and transfered the data from LG phone to my new Samsung phone. Thanks you... read more
Timothy Campbell Avatar
Timothy Campbell
As a professional audio/video engineer for the last 41 years, I can safely say that these guys are the best.... read more
Alan Davis Avatar
Alan Davis
I highly recommend this place for iPhone repair! I had a broken iPhone X purchased in 2017 with a shattered... read more
Mihir Bhatt Avatar
Mihir Bhatt
Thank you for your help! I am extremely grateful for fixing my child’s iPhone 6. It's our pleasure to make... read more
Googl Voice Avatar
Googl Voice
amazing price. had an iphone xr with a screen that made my phone useless. after they fixed it, it works... read more
Keaton Jones Avatar
Keaton Jones
Great and fast service. They repair my phone's screen in a couple hours. Very friendly staff. 100% recommended!!👏🏻
Jane Figueroa Avatar
Jane Figueroa
fixed my iphone 11 with liquid damage for a good price! definitely recommend
Joel Alberto Avatar
Joel Alberto
To be honest they do a reliable technique. Keep doing the good work guys . It’s being a year now... read more
M Geedi Avatar
M Geedi
Very friendly staff and quick turn around for fixing screen of Apple Watch!
Kelly Bertolini Avatar
Kelly Bertolini
Only took 30 minutes!!! Great service !!
Jordan Booker Avatar
Jordan Booker
5 star ratingFast and cheap! Very good service for phone repair. Cost less than half of apple store price.
K Y. Avatar
K Y.
This place is great. They are very nice people that care about their customers. My computer crashed and they fixed... read more
Mike Wallace Avatar
Mike Wallace
I came in to get my iPhone XR screen repaired and they were able to get the job done very... read more
Ari Afolabi Avatar
Ari Afolabi
Great service!! I took my iPad Air 2 in to fix the home button and it was a job well... read more
Adetoyese Adeoye Avatar
Adetoyese Adeoye
Fix my Samsung Note 10 Plus which was not taking a charge. Fixed in 2 hours with cell n comp.... read more
Mohammad Khan Avatar
Mohammad Khan
They charged my phone and did a great job at fixing it + a free screen protector. Thank you so much!
Rei Avatar
My phone screen was repaired quickly and at a good price. Exactly what I wanted. If I need... read more
Andrew Zimmerman Avatar
Andrew Zimmerman
Amazing job by Sammy, he always get me right
Chabelita B Avatar
Chabelita B
Took slightly longer than expected, but repaired my phone at a great price!
Carlos Herndon Avatar
Carlos Herndon
My phone speaker didn’t worked, they fixed with no problems. Professional and Fast.
Razvan Pop Avatar
Razvan Pop
5 star ratingI have an iPad with a completely busted screen that they made good as new. It even had some corner... read more
Brian B. Avatar
Brian B.
My Samsung S9+ Battery was draining very fast, came to cell n comp to discuss the issue they suggested that... read more
Ahmed Yimer Avatar
Ahmed Yimer
Fixed my iphone 11 no power issue, they diagnosed it was charging port got short and fixed it same day.... read more
Tina Job Avatar
Tina Job
4 star ratingHands down cheapest and fastest phone screen replacement I've ever gotten. Parking is a little easier than Devon, but expect... read more
Tiffany L. Avatar
Tiffany L.
My girlfriend accidentally dropped my Apple Watch so we had to get the screen fixed. After getting the screen fixed... read more
Tito Banuelos Avatar
Tito Banuelos
My Samsung S9+ Battery was draining very fast, came to cell n comp to discuss the issue they suggested that... read more
Ahmed Yimer Avatar
Ahmed Yimer
Look around so many places to fix my Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging jack repair. They said they don't have part... read more
John Stauffer Avatar
John Stauffer
Complete satisfaction at one stop cell n comp. Customer service was 💯. Cell n comp is a hidden gem... read more
Gladys Onyeokoro Avatar
Gladys Onyeokoro
iWatch series 5 screen replacement at very cheap price. I got so many quotes for screen replacement. But this... read more
Nilesh Chokhani Avatar
Nilesh Chokhani
One of the best place to repair your gadgets. They are affordable and provide fast service.
Syed Numan Avatar
Syed Numan
Fantastic place to fix Samsung Phones and iPhone
Nilesh Kumar Avatar
Nilesh Kumar
He fix up all my stuff, computer and printer and installed few apps for my business which works perfect and... read more
Mrki Mrki Avatar
Mrki Mrki
Great service. Nice people and fair prices.
Arlene Brennan Avatar
Arlene Brennan
My girlfriend accidentally dropped my Apple Watch so we had to get the screen fixed. After getting the screen fixed... read more
Tito Banuelos Avatar
Tito Banuelos
This store fixed my cracked Samsung A21 phone screen in no time, fast repair and very reasonable price.
Luis Tolayo Avatar
Luis Tolayo
Excellent service, and truly professional engineers! I had my Samsung Galaxy screen repair. The screen is completly mess up. But... read more
anita sharma Avatar
anita sharma
Me and my family is using there services for over 4 years now they fix phones, computer, tablets and smartwatches.

read more
Asmamaw Megersa Avatar
Asmamaw Megersa
Excellent service, and truly professional engineers!
I had my Samsung Galaxy screen repair. The screen is completly mess up. But cell...
read more
anita sharma Avatar
anita sharma
Look around so many places to fix my Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging jack repair.
They said they don't have part some...
read more
John Stauffer Avatar
John Stauffer
Call this place around like 3.30pm for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 repair. Which is not turning on from last... read more
Tajudeen Kosebinu Avatar
Tajudeen Kosebinu
5 star ratingGreat service. They fixed my phone screen cheaply and it only took about 20 minutes.
Jack M. Avatar
Jack M.
Always recommended cell n comp for iPad and iPhone repair they are also specialized in computer and desktop PC repair.
Nelu Dobricantt Avatar
Nelu Dobricantt
5 star ratingFast, honest service. Target carries Consumer Cellular, but they had no cases for my new phone. The gentlemen at C... read more
Dave S. Avatar
Dave S.
Call this place around like 3.30pm for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 repair. Which is not turning on from last... read more
Tajudeen Kosebinu Avatar
Tajudeen Kosebinu
4 star ratingFixed my phone quickly and efficiently, even added a glass screen protector. Screen did end up cracking 2 weeks later... read more
Melanie L. Avatar
Melanie L.
LISTEN God Bless everyone who works here, because the Cell N Comp Crew helped me quickly and efficiently with a... read more
Roxie Spencer Avatar
Roxie Spencer
Amazing repair shop! A little bit north of me (I live in Lakeview), but totally worth the 15 min drive.... read more
Andrew Mountzuris Avatar
Andrew Mountzuris
5 star ratingReplace the spider cracked screen on my iPhones 11 pro max. It looks great like I just bought it
Brian P. Avatar
Brian P.
I brought my older Apple MacBook in for repair yesterday as it was no longer bootable. They diagnosed and fixed... read more
Lisa Hilleren Avatar
Lisa Hilleren
5 star ratingCell N Comp quickly replaced my cracked cell screen and a phenomenal price. They were professional and knowledgeable. ... read more
Judy M. Avatar
Judy M.
Highly recommend, these guys are awesome they will finish in no time of a wait, they fix my iPhone 10... read more
Chelsey Mason Avatar
Chelsey Mason
My MacBook hard drive randomly broke. Took it to apple and they said because it’s an older model they don’t... read more
Elizabeth K Avatar
Elizabeth K
Long story short I had gotten a few quotes around town to get my laptop keyboard fixed. All of them... read more
kevin camorlinga Avatar
kevin camorlinga
4 star ratingIt's a bit early as I just picked up the phone. However I will say that it's a complete transformation.... read more
Chris M. Avatar
Chris M.
Done with my samsung galaxy S10e charging port repair in 1hour. Call so many places for price and turn around... read more
Abayomi Abioye Avatar
Abayomi Abioye
Fix my Asus laptop here. With lot of virus in it.
Now it's working good.
Val Shalman Avatar
Val Shalman
Called Sammy with a major port issue, phone not taking a charge at approximately 5:30pm. Arrived to the store at... read more
Eric Smith Avatar
Eric Smith
I had a great experience with these guys. Friendly and fast. Same day and low cost. Saved my life!!!... read more
DanYale D Avatar
DanYale D
They are very genuine as they repaired my laptop with original parts(esp Mac Display) and charges were reasonably good.

Highly recommended
abdul wahed Avatar
abdul wahed
5 star ratingMy sister gets new phones when she breaks her screens on old phones. Rather than getting new a new phone... read more
Kelly T. Avatar
Kelly T.
Good place to fix iPhone and Samsung reasonable price they charge. Definitely coming back
Tuan Loc Avatar
Tuan Loc
They are very genuine as they repaired my laptop with original parts(esp Mac Display) and charges were reasonably good.

Highly recommended
abdul wahed Avatar
abdul wahed
Cell n comp fix my Samsungs galaxy tab screen which is completely shattered.and they fix it
it was excellent work done...
read more
Natasha Foreman Avatar
Natasha Foreman
5 star ratingI took my second trip to these guys. Great work, superb customer service, and super-fast turnaround time.
Bobby B. Avatar
Bobby B.
Good shop in Chicago to repair all kind of computer laptops and phones these guys are very helping... read more
Val Shalman Avatar
Val Shalman
Pleasant experience. They did a good job replacing rear glass on iPhone XS Max. Dropped it off and picked up... read more
Ian Shadrin Avatar
Ian Shadrin
My iPad screen was completely shattered cell and comp repairs fixed it and now it looks brand new plus it... read more
Brittany Marie Avatar
Brittany Marie
5 star ratingThey did great work at a great price on a VERY reliable schedule.
Brian F. Avatar
Brian F.
5 star ratingQuick service to fix the broken glass for my iPhone 12
Tori G. Avatar
Tori G.
5 star ratingI have a Macbook Pro that had a badly swollen battery that needed replacement. Once they had the new battery... read more
Daniel R. Avatar
Daniel R.
5 star ratingWhat an excellent job, price and speed with time it took to fix the face on my iPhone. High recommended!
Madalyn G. Avatar
Madalyn G.
Brought the my iPhone X in they had the back glass repaired in an hour super fast service super great people
Justin Avatar
5 star ratingThese guys are great. I needed a last-minute cell phone repair on my iPhone 7. I use my phone every... read more
Bill M. Avatar
Bill M.
5 star ratingQuick service and when I encountered a problem with my laptop post-repair that turned out to be user error, they... read more
Mike B. Avatar
Mike B.
I brought my phone here to be repaired after I dropped it and broke the screen. It took a... read more
Matt Bowen Avatar
Matt Bowen
5 star ratingThese people were amazing. They worked all weekend to try and recover photos from a crushed motherboard on my... read more
Charlotte S. Avatar
Charlotte S.
5 star ratingThese guys are great! Went on a Sunday with a cracked screen for my Motorola Power G. I did NOT... read more
Y C. Avatar
Y C.
Excellent service and fair pricing. Far above my greatest expectations.
Bette Marsh Avatar
Bette Marsh
Two Brothers Run This Business Together. I will only ever take my phone for repair here. There are kind fast... read more
C MLK Avatar
Great service! These guys stayed an hour past closing to fix 2 broken iPhones, front and back screens replaced.. Good... read more
M Roti Avatar
M Roti
5 star ratingI went to Cell N Comp yesterday for a Computer problem and for a reasonable price was given excellent service.... read more
Sharon D. Avatar
Sharon D.
5 star ratingI always go here for my cellphone repair. Quality service, friendly technicians, and an overall great experience
Natalie L. Avatar
Natalie L.
Super fast and easy. Got my iPhone X fixed in 20 minutes at 1/3 of the cost Apple was gonna... read more
Marco Aguinaga Avatar
Marco Aguinaga
5 star ratingVery good communication and service. Fixed my iPhone screen while I waited and brought it out to me in my... read more
Bobby B. Avatar
Bobby B.
The work was incredible and it only took an hour to replace my screen. I would like to make a... read more
Cris Lukas Avatar
Cris Lukas
5 star ratingReasonable pricing and great work done on every phone we had fixed here. Will not go anywhere else
Luz M. Avatar
Luz M.
i fix my iPhone 7+ battery here they did great job experience guys definitely come back if needed
Oscar Arellano Avatar
Oscar Arellano
I really like the place that I got my phone fixed they were fast quick and easy going I would... read more
Jeremy Richardson Avatar
Jeremy Richardson
5 star ratingI've been happy with their work. I have had them replace the battery on my six-year-old iPad twice and replace... read more
Sibby C. Avatar
Sibby C.
best service and
Highly recommended
Maria Ana Hoban Avatar
Maria Ana Hoban
This place was awesome !! more than 12 to 15 off my Gadgets i fix here.
they repair my Samsung galaxy...
read more
Sein Thaung Avatar
Sein Thaung
Other store guys refers this guys cell n comp repairs for my Motorola phone charging port jack, this guys are... read more
James Stowe Avatar
James Stowe
They did an excellent job repairing my Mac after diagnosing the problem and giving me an accurate estimate. They were... read more
Ryan Lahurd Avatar
Ryan Lahurd
Cell n comp repairs is the go to shop for good quality phone screen at an affordable price in the... read more
Kaleah Berry Avatar
Kaleah Berry
Miracle workers! I messed up trying to do my own android phone repair, and other businesses wouldn't even take... read more
B. Meyers Avatar
B. Meyers
5 star ratingMiracle workers! I messed up trying to do my own android phone repair, and other businesses wouldn't even take... read more
Brooke M. Avatar
Brooke M.
I broke the glass on my iPhone 8. I went to cell n comp to have the glass replaced.... read more
Richard Silvers Avatar
Richard Silvers
I had a iPhone 8plus that I had repaired two times to my dissatisfaction until I brought it to Cell... read more
Chi Fhaaji Avatar
Chi Fhaaji
I came in after I dropped my iPhone 7 Plus in barely working condition. The screen was going out and... read more
Mimi dibissa Avatar
Mimi dibissa
I got my iPhone 8 plus repaired here the other day. The screen was really badly cracked. They fixed it... read more
Angelica Flint Avatar
Angelica Flint
I went this place to fix my Samsung galaxy Note 5 Screen they did great work. Fix my phone in... read more
Isaiah Okoko Avatar
Isaiah Okoko
5 star ratingI'm having the most 2020-ish year possible. I've managed to drop my trusty laptop of two years in June, bought... read more
Shamontiel V. Avatar
Shamontiel V.
4 star ratingCame here to get my phone fix due to have a black screen starting to show in the top right... read more
Justine C. Avatar
Justine C.
5 star ratingI brought my iPhone in for a cracked screen. The guy that helped me was friendly and the repair... read more
Christopher N. Avatar
Christopher N.
5 star ratingI got a quote via Yelp quickly and made an appointment on their website. The cracked screen on my iPhone... read more
Colby K. Avatar
Colby K.
The service was fantastic. I was in and out in around 30 minutes. I had an iPhone 8 Plus broken... read more
Chad Tucker Avatar
Chad Tucker
5 star ratingI came here to get my MacBook Pro Retina screen replaced since it was cracked. They ordered it immediately and... read more
Marya A. Avatar
Marya A.
The best service and great prices
Highly recommended
I fix my I phone 7+ screen in 20mint
5 star
Mule Gonzalez Avatar
Mule Gonzalez
Best place to fix iPhone screen, my iPhone XS Max screen touch was not working went to many places every... read more
Gregorio Santiago Avatar
Gregorio Santiago
5 star ratingThese guys fixed the cracked back glass on my iPhone 11 pro (BACK GLASS REPAIR) for $129. I highly recommend... read more
Tyler P. Avatar
Tyler P.
5 star ratingBack. Glass. Repair.

If you're reading this review, it's probably because you've (unfortuanelty) cracked the back glass on your iPhone, called...
read more
Aaron H. Avatar
Aaron H.
5 star ratingI didn't catch his name but Mr Cell N Comp did an amazing job in repairing the screen of my... read more
Fabrizio C. Avatar
Fabrizio C.
5 star ratingI called ahead to make sure this place was serious about their price. They told me it would be about... read more
Adam F. Avatar
Adam F.
5 star ratingFast service, reasonable cost, I'm happy as can be that I brought my cell phone here for repairs.
William K. Avatar
William K.
Guys doing a very good job! Good atmosphere and great service!!’
Aleksandras Bogomolovas Avatar
Aleksandras Bogomolovas
5 star ratingReasonable cost and much cheaper than any competitor to replace the front and back glass on an iPhone X. Works... read more
Rashid S. Avatar
Rashid S.
5 star ratingGreat and nice service! Fixed my screen while I waited in under 15 min! Great prices too.
Nick H. Avatar
Nick H.
5 star ratingI got my battery replaced for my iPad Air. It is good to get the iPad back. When it was... read more
Sibby C. Avatar
Sibby C.
5 star ratingI needed my iPhone 6 repaired for a broken screen and lcd and I was able to come in and... read more
Mirabelle B. Avatar
Mirabelle B.
5 star ratingI needed my iPhone unlocked. They gave me a quick and very price competitive quote. Very fast service. Highly recommended.
Emeka O. Avatar
Emeka O.
5 star ratingthis place is awesome! fast and not expensive, thank you so much! definitely recommend :)
Michael R. Avatar
Michael R.
Sammy is the man, great service have been coming to them for literally years, now I need to learn to... read more
Daniel Marcano Avatar
Daniel Marcano
5 star ratingReally friendly place. I came in with my Samsung s9+ that had cracks all over my screen, touch wasn't working,... read more
Kevin N. Avatar
Kevin N.
5 star ratingNeeded my cell phone repaired. Called a day ahead and spoke with Sami who told me they could fix it... read more
Pete P. Avatar
Pete P.
5 star ratingOnce again this place is a class act! I would never buy from anywhere else!They are the most kind and... read more
Mama L. Avatar
Mama L.
I’ve been here twice now, once with my 6s and today with my iPhone 8plus. They always do an amazing... read more
Aahduhm Ross Avatar
Aahduhm Ross
5 star ratingThe fellas at Cell N Comp Repairs are really good about notifying you when your repair is finished, and this... read more
Brian M. Avatar
Brian M.
Great customer service and speedy transaction! Their work is flawless as well, definitely recommend! Great prices and products!!!
Amara Bukhari-Jafri Avatar
Amara Bukhari-Jafri
5 star ratingNice, friendly staff, very helpful, and reasonable.
I took a laptop for them to break the password, he said it would...
read more
brian f. Avatar
brian f.
5 star ratingThis place is the real deal. Fix my iPhone 6S replaced the screen in one hour and the sides needed... read more
Robert S. Avatar
Robert S.
5 star ratingThe fastest best priced battery replacement in town. $29. For
My iPhone battery installed in about 20 mins.
Extremely friendly and...
read more
Robbie B. Avatar
Robbie B.
I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT MY REPAIR PROCESS! From the down to earth costumer service to the quality job they did... read more
Jasmine Richman Avatar
Jasmine Richman
5 star ratingDon't hesitate. Go to Cell N Comp Repairs. I started off trying to get an appointment with Apple. ... read more
Chris F. Avatar
Chris F.
5 star ratingGreat service! My daughter broke her screen and lcd, they did a great job and put a free screen protector... read more
Seth M. Avatar
Seth M.
5 star ratingQuick service for a relatively cheap price. I went in to get my screen replaced and they had me out... read more
Suezette W. Avatar
Suezette W.
5 star ratingI have a BlackBerry PRIV that still works fine except the battery was old and needed to be charged twice... read more
P C. Avatar
P C.
5 star ratingI walked in and they replaced my cracked screen in less than 30 minutes! I was surprised on how fast... read more
Vanessa N. Avatar
Vanessa N.
5 star ratingI shattered my iPhone 6s screen and Mohammad fixed it in a matter of 15-20 minutes. He was so quick... read more
Christine J. Avatar
Christine J.
5 star ratingMy phone fell out of my pocket during a dog walk. the glass cracked and the display was... read more
Dorie S. Avatar
Dorie S.
Great service!! Got my iPhone screen replaced at the moment and for an affordable price. Guys were very friendly as... read more
Andrea Erdős Avatar
Andrea Erdős
Just had my iPhone 5SE screen fixed. Friendly, quick and affordable.
Susan Bounthong Baedorf Avatar
Susan Bounthong Baedorf
Great service and fast repair with very good price I just fixed my Iphone 7 screen and get it back... read more
Farshad Afghan Avatar
Farshad Afghan
The pair was excellent ; they are miracle workers! They fixed my IPhone 5s, and I was able to afford it!��
Author Angela Michelle Hunter Avatar
Author Angela Michelle Hunter
I could not have been happier with the speedy and efficient repair job Cell N Comp did! I shattered... read more
Kristen Greska Avatar
Kristen Greska
The best service and great prices! Highly recommended 👍🏼
Julia Cherepova Avatar
Julia Cherepova
Fast service! Well done! My phone was heavily damaged and it looks as if no damage was ever done. Thank... read more
Hicity Packman Avatar
Hicity Packman
Excelente trabajo!!��I'm so happy � i bring my cellphone it was so bad & now looks great �
Rocie Rodriguez Avatar
Rocie Rodriguez
They have really good service and the tech was very helpful
Ricky Villegas Avatar
Ricky Villegas
5 star ratingFirst time going to this place and I am very pleased with the service. Reasonable price for iPhone repair, quick... read more
Lisa J. Avatar
Lisa J.
They retrieved my data using spare screen. Got turned down by many other repair shops. I'm one happy... read more
Pawel Maliszczak Avatar
Pawel Maliszczak
5 star ratingI have changed several screens for my phones in this establishment in the pass year or two one iPhone 5S... read more
Cesc G. Avatar
Cesc G.
5 star ratingI just got my blackberry passport speaker fixed by Ibrahim and he did a great job! They had the cheapest... read more
Anish A. Avatar
Anish A.
Doing business with these guys for years . Can't beat their prices .
George Stankys Avatar
George Stankys
5 star ratingThe customer service was great. I called because my laptop wouldn't start. I called in the evening and brought it... read more
Eva S. Avatar
Eva S.
4 star ratingPhone screen went black after I dropped it, so I headed up here due to Yelp reviews. They fixed the... read more
P H. Avatar
P H.
Best service&Best shop!!!
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Coral Huang
5 star ratingTook in my iPhone 5something because I dropped it and the screen was flickering and nonresponsive. They fixed it for... read more
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Bria B.
5 star ratingAs a father of 3 teen boys, a day without something breaking isn't quite as rare as I would like.... read more
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Joe D.
5 star rating$99? Wow Great Price Great Service! Fast & Easy. I recommend this place to Anyone & Everyone!!!
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Darien L.
5 star ratingVery quick and great price to fix my iPhone 6 screen. Charged $99 and took about 10 minutes.
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Jasleen S.
5 star ratingI had a wonderful experience getting my screen replaced. It only took about 5 minutes and the screen looked better... read more
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Gabby S.
5 star ratingExcellent customer service. I have a hard to fix phone where most places told me a week but they... read more
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5 star ratingFast service and affordable price. Polite and professional. One note- they only accept cash. $69 to replace a cracked screen... read more
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Juliana W.
5 star ratingA1 service same day turnaround for a cracked lcd. Very good people to deal with -Jason
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Jason L.
5 star ratingStopped by for my iPhone's shattered screen. They fixed it in a 1/2 hour good as new for a reasonable... read more
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Shereef Z.
5 star rating5 stars all the way baby. I brought them a phone that was water damaged,code locked,and wouldn't charge. I needed... read more
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Mira B.
5 star ratingThis place is great! They fixed my broken phone screen in less than two hours and charge me a lot... read more