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Apple Watch is the industries leading smartwatch by which you can make calls, send text, access the internet, and play media without carrying the iPhone with you. Unfortunately, it’s a sleek and expensive gadget with a glass body which has a high risk of damaging it with daily usage. We at Cell N Comp Repairs have highly skilled and experienced technicians who can perform all required repairs needed for your watch.

Have an Apple Watch that needs urgent repairs? Consider hiring Cell N Comp Repairs today to get the Watch fixed in no time. Our team in Chicago is well-versed in correcting all sorts of major and minor issues with Apple watches. Series 1, 2, 3 or whichever: we can get it repaired for you. Apart from skilled professionals who can correct your Watch in minimal time, we have the required spare parts and original components to complete in-house repairs.

A significant issue faced by most Apple Watch owners is the sheer time required for a manufacturer’s repair service if the Watch breaks down. Consider the time involved in submitting the Watch, shipping to the manufacturer, the actual repairs, and shipping back: it can take forever. On the other hand, our Apple Watch repair services are performed in-house at our facility. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for multiple weeks to get your Watch back. Furthermore, we offer high-end repairs services at minimal prices. As such, your Apple watch repair cost diminishes to the absolute minimum when opting for Cell N Comp Repairs.

If you need the Watch repaired instantly, we offer emergency repairs services. Our team can diagnose the issue with your Watch and, in most cases, hand it back to you on the same day. With a slight surge in your Apple watch repair costs, you can wear your iWatch back in no time! Get the best repairs in your city from trained professionals today: call Cell N Comp Repairs!

List of Apple Watches We Repair

Currently, our team can help repair the following Apple Watches

  • Series 1
  • Series 2
  • Series 3
  • Series 4
  • Series 5
  • Series 6
  • Series 7

Additionally, we can repair any limited edition Apple Watch as well

We Can Fix Your iWatch With Easy

The Apple Watch has taken the world by storm ever since it was released due to its quality and features. Practically, it took the concept of a smartwatch to a whole new level. Therefore, many people currently have the oldest Apple Watch models available and pridefully wear them. However, the Watch can break down and require repairs like any digital product. Common issues include screen repairs and battery replacements. The need for Apple Watch repair services arises because the original manufacturer repair is time-taking and can dynamically increase the Apple Watch repair cost. Therefore, users are always looking for ways to get their Watch back to functioning through unofficial services.

Additionally, the manufacturer has formally discontinued many old Apple Watch products. Therefore, finding official repair services and getting original replacement parts for the Watch can be extremely difficult. In such cases, Cell N Comp Repairs can act as the savior. Our team is well-versed in correcting all Apple Watches in minimal time. We can also arrange replacement screens and batteries for older Apple Watch models.

Types of Apple Watch Repair Services We Offer

We offer two primary services in the Apple Watch repair category

Apple Watch Screen Repair

Apple Watch screen repair costs can be very high if the manufacturer repairs the screen. The screen panel alone can cost a fortune. However, we can complete the screen repair in minimal time and at a lower price tag for the clients. Bring it to our workshop if your screen has a crack or is completely shattered. Our team will repair it immediately and help you use your product as before in no time. The best part is that we can even repair the screen of the original Apple Watch as well.

Apple Watch Battery Replacement

Are you noticing that your Apple Watch battery gives up quickly or is not charging well? Then it is time to get your Apple Watch’s battery replaced by our experts. Replacing the Apple Watch battery is a technical task and requires considerable skill to avoid causing any damage to the Watch itself. Additionally, finding the correct replacement battery for an older version Apple Watch is a significant effort on its own as well. Therefore, we are always looking to offer you the best replacement services at minimal prices. Contact our team today and get your Apple Watch’s battery replaced in no time.

Why Choose Apple Watch Repair Services of Cell N Comp Repairs?

Our team of specialists can offer you the best Apple Watch repair services at minimal prices. At the same time, getting services from our store benefits you in the following ways:

  • You receive the minimum Apple Watch repair costs compared to most others in the market. The prices are considerably lower than the manufacturer repairs as well.
  • All requirements are met.
  • We formally diagnose the real issue behind the trouble you are facing. That way, you benefit from permanent services.
  • Only genuine replacement parts are used. For example, we use only genuine replacement batteries in our Apple Watch battery replacement services.
  • We check everything to ensure that the service performed is of optimal quality and you can get the device back in minimal time.
  • All services are performed in-house by trained experts. We don’t send out your product to anyone else. Therefore, you can be sure of the service quality.

Don’t Miss The Opportunity.

Before paying significant bills to the official manufacturer or other repairmen, consider hiring our services for a fraction of the prices. We can get the job done in no time.

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Our team is eager to get your iWatch back in perfect working condition at minimal prices. In case you need an urgent repair, just let us know. You may contact us. Reach out to us in person if in Chicago town.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of getting my iWatch repaired?

Repair costs of the iWatch may vary based on the model and the extent of damage that the Watch has sustained. When you bring in the Watch, our team will make a formal diagnosis and let you know the exact cost for the replacement. We also check other components to ensure any related repair is needed. Therefore, you can get a competitive market quote.

Is my Apple Watch fixable if I have completely shattered?

As long as the board is safe, our team can help get your Apple Watch back in perfect condition. We are skilled in repairing the Watch and bringing it back to perfect condition in minimal time. Also, your apple watch repair cost will be the minimum with us.

I tried DIYing the Apple Watch repair and caused damage to the LCD cable. Can my Watch still be repaired?

Yes! If only the cable is damaged, we can get your Apple Watch to perfect working condition in no time. However, if the board is damaged, we would have to assess the damage and the current condition of the Watch to see how well it is repaired.


Should I get my Apple Watch fixed or get a new one?

If your Apple Watch is of a recent model, getting it repaired is the better option as the Watch costs significantly, and the replacement parts are available in the market. For a very old Apple Watch, considering the extent of the damage is necessary to determine if it can be fixed. Our team can get it done if it is repairable.


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