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iPhone Speaker Repair Price List

ModelEar SpeakerLoud Speaker
iPhone 12 PRO MAXCall UsCall Us
iPhone 12 PROCall UsCall Us
iPhone 12 MiniCall UsCall Us
iPhone 12Call UsCall Us
iPhone 11 PRO MAX$89$79
iPhone 11 PRO$89$79
iPhone 11$79$69
iPhone XS MAX$79$69
iPhone XS$69$59
iPhone XR$69$59
iPhone X$69$59
iPhone 8 Plus$49$49
iPhone 8$39$39
iPhone 7 Plus$39$39
iPhone 7$39$39
iPhone 6S Plus$29$29
iPhone 6S$29$29
iPhone 6 Plus$29$29
iPhone 6$29$29
iPhone 5/5c/5se/5e$29$29

iPhone Speaker Repair at the Instant You Speak to Us!

In today’s time, a Smartphone device is a must-have for one and all. Be it a granny wishing to talk to her grandchildren in another city; or a father wishing to communicate with her son in a boarding school, the necessity of a mobile device is needless to mention here! In such a situation, if your iPhone mobile device speaker shows trouble, then you feel a bit distracted from your tasks and feel incomplete! At this time, what you would seek most urgently is a mobile repair center, where the professionals can undertake the iPhone speaker repair job and exercise it with perfection, bringing you out of the situation of the plight and giving a smile to your face again. Listen to us, and get your iPhone speaker repaired with us, as we take pride in introducing ourselves as a leading center for iPhone repair.

Your iPhone Speaker Repair as Soon as You Speak to Us!

At Cell N Comp Repairs, We undertake this responsibility to make your iPhone device smooth running. It’s our tribulation to make each piece work so that the business blooms in its entirety.

Hassle-Free iPhone Speaker Repair Service!

A sweet sound falling into your ears every time you operate your iPhone is like a dream come true. But when the same iPhone starts producing irritating or erratic sounds or has gone entirely mute due to some water damage, you will no longer admire it. With our experts in town in Chicago, we certainly hope to take away and resolve the issue entirely for you. Our team is specialized in carrying out genuine iPhone Repairs with great experience and skills behind their back. You can certainly depend on us for hassle-free iPhone speaker repair in Chicago, done quickly so you can up the ante and enjoy the bass. 

iPhone Speaker Repair Cost That Pleases Your Ears! 

We know that you are looking for quality service at a good price! Well! That is what we provide here! With us, you can be assured of getting quality iPhone speaker repair service at a very pleasing Apple iPhone speaker repair cost.

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You can contact Cell N Comp Repairs for proficient Apple Chicago iPhone repair services irrespective of the model of Apple iPhone that you possess. Our skilled repair technicians will undertake the task with finesse, and within a brief period, you can again marvel at your fully functional new Apple iPhone!

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Frequently Asked Questions
My iPhone 7 Plus speaker and microphone doesn't work when I m on call. When I play music the speaker works.

It a common issue specially in 7 and 7 Plus  that audio IC gets damage, thought this the microphone and speaker doesn’t work on call. It can be fixed.

Why my iPhone doesn't ring ?

Either the loud speaker is not working properly or the pads where loud speaker touch its connection are no good.

Why my iPhone ear speaker voice is too low?

There are multiple reasons for low voice from speaker

1. The mesh can be dusty. .

2. Ear speaker can be faulty

3.The whole unite can be defective.

Do my face id will still work, if I change the speaker on my iPhone XS Max.

Yes after replacing the ear speaker on iPhone X and up, the face id should work.


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