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Google Pixel Screen Replacement Price List

Google Pixel 6a$279
Google Pixel 6 pro$279
Google Pixel 6$249
Google Pixel 5A 5G$229
Google Pixel 5$229
Google Pixel 4A 5G$219
Google Pixel 4A$209
Google Pixel 4 XL$169
Google Pixel 4$139
Google Pixel 3A XL$129
Google Pixel 3A$129
Google Pixel 3 XL$169
Google Pixel 3$169
Google Pixel 2 XL$109
Google Pixel 2$99
Google Pixel XL$99
Google Pixel$89

Expert Google Pixel Screen Repair Service in Chicago, IL

Many people in Chicago don’t believe that their Google Pixel screens can be repaired. When such parts develop issues, they will start thinking about purchasing new smartphones. Are you amongst these people? Do you know the screen of your Google Pixel can be repaired? It may sound unbelievable, but it is the truth. It is only about finding the right experts who can help out in the repair process.

Here Is the Perfect Solution

Talking about a qualified company for Google Pixel screen repair, it is safe to conclude that Cell N Comp Repairs has managed to tick all of the boxes. When it comes to helping people in Chicago fix their pixel screens, our track record can hardly be rivaled. It is because we have been very successful in such regard. 

Many faults or problems can affect your pixel screen. These could be damaged, chipped, or cracked screens, glitching screens, flickering screens, touch screen problems, and more. When any of these happen, you will not explore the features of such a phone as expected. 

How We Can Help Out

Cell n comp repairs exists to ensure you have the ultimate experience while exploring your Google Pixel smartphone. It includes having to repair its screen in the best way possible. There are times when such a screen will require repair or even replacement. Whatever the case may be, always know that you are at the right place. 

You must understand something about repairing your damaged or faulty pixel screen. It is a fact that such a process is not straightforward. For instance, you have to detect the exact fault. It is because we have all the necessary tools to see what could be wrong with your screen easily. Also, suitable materials or components need to be used for the best results. 

To get good value for money, you need a company that has built a solid reputation when it comes to Google Pixel screen repair in Chicago. It is why Cell N Comp Repairs exist. Over the years, we have fixed different pixel screen problems for people. Your case will not be any different as such an issue will be detected and resolved in the best way possible. 

Our Repair Experts

When it comes to Google Pixel screen repair, the strength of every company can be traced to the caliber of technicians it has. Cell N Comp Repairs has become one of the best around due to the repairers available to help owners of Google Pixel smartphones. They have updated knowledge about how to repair any screen problem your device may be experiencing at the moment. 

It doesn’t matter how bad your screen may be looking. It is because they are up to the task of making it come alive again. Our Technicians are specialized in repairing other google pixel repairing issues like back glass repair, button repair, speaker repair, camera repair etc.

Why You Have To Trust Us

Many companies indeed claim Google Pixel screen repair in Chicago. However, remember that most of these companies will fall short when meeting your expectations for repairing pixel screens. Cell n comp repairs is different and unique because we prioritize your needs ahead of other things. 

For instance, we will always use the best components and accessories to repair your pixel screen. It is to ensure that it stands the test of time. Also, it is worthy of note to point out that we have earned the trust and respect of customers over the years. It is a sign that we render uncompromised services. You are just a few steps away from fixing your google pixel screen problem with the help of professionals.

Our Work
image of pixel 3 xl screen repaired

Google Pixel 3 xl Screen Fixed

image of pixel 3a xl screen repaired

pixel 3a xl screen repair

image of pixel 4 xl screen fixed

Google Pixel 4 xl Screen Fixed

Frequently Asked Questions
What Is The Cost of Repairing A Damaged Google Pixel Screen?

You need to know about such a service because there is no set-in-stone rule regarding charges. It all depends on the company you have hired to handle such a process. For instance, some companies charge affordable prices in Chicago. Another factor is the model of Google Pixel you have. Normally, Google Pixel Screen repair cost around $130 - $150. 

Can A Google Pixel Screen Be Replaced?

An expert company will ensure that a high-quality screen is used to replace the damaged one. It is possible. You only need to find the right company to provide a smooth and professional replacement process. 

Can I Fix My Google Pixel Screen On My Own?

There are indeed many DFY courses and tutorials on how to replace a Google Pixel screen. Although some of these tend to work, you need to have special knowledge. The reason is that attempting to handle such a process on your own could prove disastrous eventually. It is because it may lead to more damage. Therefore, it is recommended that you always hire a professional. 

The bottom line is that you need experts who can handle such Google Pixel devices. They have the knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

My Google Pixel Screen Is Glitching. What Could Be The Cause?

It is a common problem that most users of this device are experiencing. According to Google, this issue is experienced when you apply a slight amount of pressure to its power button without actually having the device turned on. 

What Are The Problems That Can Affect My Google Pixel Screen?

Some faults are unresponsive or frozen screens, touch screen glitches, cracked screen, flickering screen, vertical lines on its screen, and dark screen.


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