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Google Pixel Battery Replacement Prices

Google Pixel 6a$129
Google Pixel 6 Pro$129
Google Pixel 6 $119
Google Pixel 5A 5G$119
Google Pixel 5$109
Google Pixel 4a 5G$109
Google Pixel 4a$99
Google Pixel 4 XL$89
Google Pixel 4$89
Google Pixel 3a XL$89
Google Pixel 3a$89
Google Pixel 3 XL$89
Google Pixel 3$89
Google Pixel 2 XL$89
Google Pixel 2$69
Google Pixel XL$69
Google Pixel$59

Google Pixel Battery Replacement Service in Chicago

Replacing a Google Pixel battery is not straightforward. It is more complicated than you think. Many people in Chicago make the mistake of handling such tasks alone. You could end up causing more damage than imagined. Of course, this means spending unnecessarily on repairs and replacements.

Are you experiencing any other problems with your Google Pixel phone? It could be such a cracked screen or not charging. There is no need to worry regardless of the problem; at Cell N Comp Repairs, we understand how to fix all the issues easily and efficiently. 

What You Need To Know About Google Pixel Battery Replacement

Occasionally, Google pixel batteries will start draining fast after reaching 200, 250, or even 300 charging cycles. It all depends on how such batteries have been built. Whatever the case, always know that an underperforming battery can deprive you of the ultimate user experience. In other words, you can’t use your Google Pixel as expected. Imagine running any of those heavy applications, and your phone goes off within 15mins after being fully charged. It is a sign that your battery needs replacement. 

If you have ever experienced the Google Pixel battery draining issue quickly, there is every reason to contact us today at Cell N Comp Repairs

More About Our Pixel Smartphone Battery Replacing Services

Depending on the type of Google pixel device you are using, your battery should last an average of 10 hours. Anything short of this means it is faulty. The problem is that you could encounter more problems trying to replace such a battery on your own. For instance, there is a risk of an explosion occurring. It happens when the battery is ruptured or broken. 

Your pixel battery contains dangerous and harmful chemicals if you don’t know. Trying to come in contact with them could be very risky. Apart from the explosion mentioned above, a fire outbreak is also possible. Of course, you don’t want to expose your loved ones to all of these problems. There is only one way out of such a problem. It is hiring professionals to handle the entire process of battery replacement. 

At Cell N Comp Repairs, we understand how to replace any Google pixel battery without issue. It doesn’t matter the model you are using as such can be successfully replaced. These could be Pixel 5a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a & 5G, Pixel 4 & 4 XL, Pixel 3a & 3a XL, Pixel 3 & 3 XL, Pixel 2 & 2 XL, and Pixel & Pixel XL. All you have to do is contact us; our experts will take it from there. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is It Possible For A Google Pixel Battery To Be Replaced?

It is one question whether Google Pixel battery Replacement is possible or not. Of course, your battery can be replaced. It is natural or normal that your device’s battery will start draining fast after being used for some time. In other words, it won’t be able to hold a charge for long.

Once you notice any of these problems, contact a proven company when it comes to Google Pixel Battery Replacement issue. 

How Much Does Google Pixel Battery Cost? 

The average cost is around $70. It depends on some factors, though. Such could be the location of the store you are patronizing and the phone model. To better understand, it is recommended to ask the company that wants to replace such a battery. They can provide firsthand information based on these factors.

A Google Pixel Battery Is Expected To Last For How Long?

There is no fixed time that the Google Pixel battery is expected to last. It depends on its lifespan, degree of usage, and the model you are using. By lifespan, we mean when the phone was bought. For instance, a phone that was bought 12months ago won’t have a perfect battery. It would be best if you were thinking about replacing such. 

Degree of usage means the rate at which your google pixel phone is being used. Also, the activities you are doing with it matter a lot. For instance, a Google Pixel battery that powers heavy applications you have installed will not last as long as that used in carrying out everyday activities. The model means the Google Pixel version you are using. The average time for Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro are 8:13 and 7:53(hours), respectively.


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