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Apple iWatch Screen Repair Prices

ModelScreenOLED / LCD
Series 6 (44MM)$179$299
Series 6 (40MM)$179$259
Series SE (44MM)$169 $249
Series SE (40MM)$169$229
Series 5 (44MM)$169$249
Series 5 (40MM)$169$229
Series 4 (44MM)$119$239
Series 4 (40MM)$119$219
Series 3 (42MM)$109$149
Series 3 (38MM)$109$129
Series 2 (42MM)$109$129
Series 2 (38MM)$109$129
Series 1 (42MM)$79$99
Series 1 (38MM)$79$89

Fix Your Cracked iWatch With Local Experts

If your Apple iWatch screen is cracked, blacked out, has lines or black spots, don’t hesitate to stop by your local experienced technicians in Chicago to fix your Apple’s Watch. Call us Today! Or visit our store.

We Do Glass Only Repairs on All Apple Watches

iWatch display is divided into three layers Glass, Touch, and OLED Panel; replacing the whole panel is easier and expensive because the cost of the part is huge, whereas replacing just the top glass or digitizer is cheaper, but it required high skill experts and special refurbishing devices.

We provide glass-only repairs on all models of iWatch's to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers, all the prices listed as the screen is for glass-only repair, and OLED is for complete display assembly.

Our Work
iWatch 4 44mm Screen Repair
iWatch 5 LCD Separation
iwatch glass change
iwatch 3 screen repair
iWatch 5 Touch Removal
Frequently Asked Questions
How much it cost to repair the iWatch Screen?

The price varies from model and size, and it depends on how badly it is broken. If it's cracked but still fully functional or broken and no display, then the price varies.

Is my Apple Watch will be water-resistant after the screen gets fixed?

Yes, it can be water-resistant; it depends on how the tech seals to your device.

After fixing the Screen, will my iWatch measure the oxygen level, heartbeat, and more?

Yes, if all the functions were working before replacing the screen, all those features on your Apple Watch should work.

The quality of my iWatch screen would the same after replacing it?

Yes, you can get the same quality screen for your Apple Watch.


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