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Apple Watch Series Ultra (49MM) Battery ReplacementCall Us
Apple Watch Series 8 (45MM) Battery ReplacementCall Us
Apple Watch Series 8 (41MM) Battery ReplacementCall Us
Apple Watch Series SE 2ND (44MM) Battery ReplacementCall Us
Apple Watch Series SE 2ND (40MM) Battery ReplacementCall Us
Apple Watch Series 7 (45MM) Battery Replacement$129
Apple Watch Series 7 (41MM) Battery Replacement$129
Apple Watch Series 6 (44MM) Battery Replacement$119
Apple Watch Series 6 (40MM) Battery Replacement$119
Apple Watch Series SE (44MM) Battery Replacement$119
Apple Watch Series SE (40MM) Battery Replacement$119
Apple Watch Series 5 (44MM) Battery Replacement$119
Apple Watch Series 5 (40MM) Battery Replacement$119
Apple Watch Series 4 (44MM) Battery Replacement$129
Apple Watch Series 4 (40MM) Battery Replacement$129
Apple Watch Series 3 (42MM) Battery Replacement$79
Apple Watch Series 3 (38MM) Battery Replacement$79
Apple Watch Series 2 (42MM) Battery Replacement$79
Apple Watch Series 2 (38MM) Battery Replacement$79
Apple Watch Series 1 (42MM) Battery Replacement$79
Apple Watch Series 1 (38MM) Battery Replacement$79

Don't Miss Out on Our Quality Apple Watch Battery Replacement Services!

Apple Watch is an excellent product for long-term use. Many people prefer buying Apple Watch over traditional digital watches given its portability and features. However, it is natural for the watch’s battery to give up or become outdated with time. In severe cases, the battery may not charge completely. In other cases, the charging time may reduce significantly. In such cases, getting the battery replaced is the most suitable option to make the watch more useful. However, getting the manufacturer’s Apple Watch battery replacement services has multiple issues.
First, the replacement can take much time. In many cases, the replacement may take weeks because the watch has to be shipped to the manufacturer. Therefore, the Apple Watch replacement cost may be significantly high as well. Secondly, many Apple Watches from the manufacturer’s earlier series have been discontinued. For such watches, finding a suitable battery replacement could be nerve-wracking. Therefore, it is best to consider getting high-end battery replacement services in town to help reduce the Apple Watch battery replacement cost and time requirements.
Cell N Comp Repairs offers exceptional Apple Watch Repair services for all types of Apple Watches in the city of Chicago. All our services are managed in-house, which means that the Apple Watch replacement cost and time are minimal compared to official manufacturer replacement options. Therefore, we are the perfect option for people who want their watch to get repaired urgently and wish to save money on the battery replacement costs.

How to Know When Your Apple Watch Battery Needs Replacement?

Many people are wary of their battery not working fine. Therefore, they may ask for a replacement either when the battery is working well or the cause of battery performance is some other issue with the watch. Here are the signs that your Apple Watch needs an urgent battery replacement:

  • The watch is charging very slow even after being on charge for a while.
  • The charging of the watch is not increasing despite being constantly on charging
  • Apple Watch turns off as soon as the charging is removed despite the battery showing 100 percent charging.
  • The battery discharges very quickly and can not sustain even an hour without charging
  • The battery gets overheated even during normal usage.

However, there are instances where your battery may not need a replacement. In some cases, opening too many apps concurrently on your iWatch or having a faulty charger can be the reason behind the charging problems with your Apple Watch. Therefore, it is essential to find the right issue before replacing it. Cell N Comp Repairs believes in transparent services to all its clients. Thus, our team initially performs a formal diagnosis. Through this diagnosis, we determine if your battery needs a replacement. Otherwise, we guide you on the actual issue facing your Apple Watch’s battery.

Common Causes of Apple Watch Battery Damage

Usually, Apple Watch is made very sturdy, which can prove very durable. People who own the earliest versions of the Apple Watch are still using them today. However, specific issues may cause the battery to get damaged and require replacement, including:

  • Consistent use for a long-time: Batteries have a useful life in their usage. Most batteries can become unusable or swell after a considerable period of usage. Therefore, you may need a battery replacement after owning the watch for a few years.
  • Water damage: Water can damage the cells inside the battery and may even cause a short circuit inside. Therefore, protect your Apple Watch from consistent water exposure.
  • Short-circuit or being charged with a faulty wire.
  • Bumps or severe impact
  • Dormant Usage: If you do not use your watch often, the battery won’t pass through the charge/discharge cycle frequently. In most cases, this issue can damage the battery ultimately.

In each case, the Apple Watch battery replacement cost can differ. Additionally, replacement costs vary with different models as the battery standards used and their availability can vary.

Why Choose Apple Watch Battery Replacement Services Offered by Cell N Comp Repairs?

Our team offers the best Apple Watch Repairs in Chicagoland. Our Apple Watch battery replacement & Apple Watch screen repair costs are lower because we stock the highest quality replacement batteries from the best sources. Additionally, we charge people fairly for our services instead of over-pricing our work.

A significant issue for many Apple Watch users is that the replacement batteries are no longer available for the earliest versions of the Apple Watch. In such cases, people may have no choice but to discard their watch once the battery dies. However, with our firm’s services, you can get the battery replaced for your favorite Apple Watch as our technicians are skilled in treating them.

Finally, we ensure that a formal diagnosis is performed before the battery is replaced. Ensuring that replacement is the right service you require is extremely important to provide the best services. Consider bringing your watch to us to check and diagnose the real issue.

How Our Team Replaces the Apple Watch’s Battery

Replacing the battery completely is a technical task that requires the right tools and skills to execute flawlessly. Otherwise, the device can become damaged beyond repair. Here, we summarize the steps Cell N Comp Repair takes to replace the battery of your damaged Apple Watch:

  • First, the watch is powered off to ensure all your data and currently running applications are correctly shut down. However, if the touchscreen is broken, it may require an alternate switching off the watch.
  • Next, we use the heat gun to heat the surface until it is too hot to touch.
  • All warning and safety protocols are followed to avoid damaging internal components when opening the watch. The gap between the screen and the body is opened through any sharp object.
  • We pry up the screen by using a curved blade to avoid any chances of screen damage.
  • Once the panel has opened completely, our team lifts the screen and removes the battery barriers.
  • The old battery is removed and replaced with the new battery.
  • Everything is put back in place, and your Apple Watch returns to perfect condition.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my Apple Watch's battery life been reduced?

Due to continuous charging of the battery every time it reduces, you may face issues with the battery life. Try waiting for the battery to hit near zero. Once the battery has reached the bottom, I prefer charging it 100 percent before using it again. This way, the battery can last longer. If your battery isn’t charging at all, consider getting apple watch battery replacement services at  reasonable prices from us.

Can Battery Cause The iWatch To Switch Off Every time I Receive A Call?

Yes! A damaged battery can turn the watch off whenever the load comes to the device. You may even experience the iWatch shut down when you try to use any application on the watch. In such a situation, we prefer getting the battery replaced by our team in minimal time.

Recently I am experiencing the Screen of my iWatch is peeling out from the frame?

Only the reason I believe that the screen comes out when the battery swell, I guess at the same time are you experiencing the battery is dying quicker. Then for sure, there is a battery issue.

How do I know that my Apple Watch battery is bad?

If the watch isn’t turning on in the first place, you are experiencing a lousy battery situation. Consider calling our team and letting us know about the issue to get the best repair services. Similarly, you may consider how long the battery takes to charge and if the charging time is different than it used to be. Any significant changes in battery times and charging times can be a solid indicator of bad battery health.

How Often May You Require iWatch Battery Replacement?

Generally, the newer versions of the Apple Watch have high-quality batteries that can be used for a considerable time without requiring any replacement. However, the batteries would require repairs or replacement with time once they reach their useful life.
However, people using the older versions of the Apple Watch may need battery replacements frequently. The batteries used in these versions are not as durable as today’s ones. Additionally, genuine replacement batteries may not be available. Therefore, you may consider upgrading your Apple Watch completely if the battery gives up.

What happens when the battery swells?

Usually, battery swelling can cause the skin to peel out. In such cases, you may have to get the battery replaced immediately because a swollen battery may not work for even a few minutes before the watch turns off.


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