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iPhone Battery Replacement Price List

iPhone 14 Pro MaxCall Us
iPhone 14 Pro Call Us
iPhone 14 PlusCall Us
iPhone 14Call Us
iPhone 13 Pro Max$129
iPhone 13 Pro$119
iPhone 13 Mini$99
iPhone 13$99
iPhone 12 Pro Max$109
iPhone 12 Pro$99
iPhone 12 Mini$99
iPhone 12$99
iPhone 11 Pro Max$99
iPhone 11 Pro$89
iPhone 11$79
iPhone XS Max$69
iPhone XS$69
iPhone XR$69
iPhone X$69
iPhone 8 Plus$49
iPhone 8$49
iPhone 7 Plus$49
iPhone 7 $49
iPhone 6s Plus$49
iPhone 6s$39
iPhone 6 Plus$39
iPhone 6$39
iPhone 5,5SE,5C,5S$39

Chicago iPhone Battery Repair Service

Sometimes, when checking your iPhone battery health, you see the need and must decide immediately! Come to us! At Cell N Comp Repairs, we offer quick-fix and no-fuss iPhone repair solutions, and this is the summative definition of our Company! Your Apple iPhone is your baby, the apple of your eye, which needs tender love and care! There’s a direct hit to your emotions when it malfunctions or staggers. There’s no need to get agonized or feel remorse for what happened. Step out and walk into our iPhone repair shop in Chicago, get your gadget fixed, and make it run and glow like ever before. Your satisfaction is guaranteed once you hit on us!

Lightning-Fast iPhone Battery Replacement in 20 Mins

iPhone batteries are known to last long, but if you have battery issues or your Apple iPhone battery life is dying down too quickly, your phone needs an immediate battery replacement. Leave any such troubles to us, as we have a team of experts ready to take care of any battery issues with a guarantee of utilizing high-quality spares.

We are here to keep our customers happy and smiling to truly enjoy the magnificent features of the luxury in their hands round-the-clock. Contact our iPhone repair specialists if you are faced with any such emergency where you need an instant iPhone battery replacement in Chicago. You will also be amazed at the replacement cost at which we provide the service! We provide the services at prices that will please you! After all, a battery is to a phone just as a heart to a human, and we know this importance very well; thereby, making every effort to get your problem rectified, so you to enjoy your phone in better shape!

Experts at Your Service!

We have expert touches for iPhone repair, even battery replacement, with guaranteed high-quality parts of good quality. Our efficient and highly trained personnel run great diagnostic tests to get to the root cause of the problem and resolve the same within the stipulated time frame. So, do not delay any further! If you need immediate iPhone battery replacement, try us out!

We love iPhone devices! And we also value our customers’ smiles! Also, we love our iPhone repair job for seeing the smiling YOU!

We Replace Premium Zero Cycle iPhone Batteries.

When your iPhone shuts off by itself, if the battery drains faster or refuses to charge, it is time to change the battery. Cell N Comp Repairs uses a brand new zero-cycle premium battery that comes with 30 days warranty. You can extend the life of your iPhone battery by not charging the phone for a long time. After you charge 90% or 100%, use the battery, and once it drops to 20% or less than that, you can charge again. Most of the stores used refurbished batteries, which are in poor health.

Giving priority to battery health is very important. When the battery health is good, then the health of your iPhone will be good. If the battery has poor health, an unexpected shut-off may occur, affecting the mainboard.

iPhone Battery Replacement Cost

The cost to replace an iPhone battery is not as expensive; It Depends on the model. Most iPhones can get a battery replacement (supplied and fitted) for $39 and $99.

It is possible to replace your iPhone battery yourself, and you can buy DIY iPhone battery replacement kits online. However, it’s a better idea to leave it to the professionals. You may break your iPhone and invalidate your warranty if you make a mistake. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty do you get with the repair?

All Repairs get 30 days part and labor warranty unless there is no physical damage or water damage.

Why my iPhone doesn't go up, after I charge all night?

When the battery is bad, it doesn’t allow the battery to charge.

Why my iPhone battery drain fast?

When the battery is bad it will start draining fast.

It shows 100% battery, but when I make a call the phone dies?

This happens due to defect battery.


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