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iPhone Back Glass Repair Price List

ModelBack Glass
iPhone 14 Pro Max $159
iPhone 14 Pro $139
iPhone 14 Plus$119
iPhone 14$119
iPhone 13 Pro Max$139
iPhone 13 Pro $119
iPhone 13 Mini$99
iPhone 13 $99
iPhone 12 Pro Max$109
iPhone 12 Pro$99
iPhone 12 Mini$89
iPhone 12$89
iPhone 11 Pro Max$99
iPhone 11 Pro$89
iPhone 11$89
iPhone XS Max$89
iPhone XS$79
iPhone XR$79
iPhone X $79
iPhone 8 Plus$69
iPhone 8$69

iPhone Back Glass Repair at the Front Face of Perfection

Using electronic gadgets and Smartphones is the new normal in the current era of GenX users. These devices have become almost staple, and using them is like routine, so much so that most of us cannot even think of a day in running without such gadgets put to regular use. This has also increased the chances of damage. The damage or malfunctioning scenarios have also become common for iPhone users, but what is needed is a good iPhone repair service, which can put the ‘Apple’ of their eyes back on track! Any issue related to your iPhone functioning is adroitly taken care of by experienced and skilled technicians here, even so for badly damaged back glasses. Whether your coveted possession accidentally gets drenched in fluid or slips and crashes onto the rough ground, your phone doctor is here! Our iPhone repair services in Chicago are a name that one can blindly trust and reverberates in every single iPhone-owner customer’s mind!

Get iPhone Back Glass Repair Quickly.

Cracked iPhone Back Glass is a usual scenario that is truly disturbing for seasoned iPhone users. Your cracked screen could cause more damage than you think. You definitely wouldn’t like to live with it and need special attention to quickly get iPhone back glass repair in Chicago. At Cell N Comp Repairs, We have all the facilities, technology, high-quality spare parts, and experts who can perform instant iPhone screen repair or iPhone back glass repair in Chicago or work for you within minutes of bringing your cracked iPhone Glass to us. Our fantastic laser iPhone back glass repair services come at a small iPhone back glass repair cost in Chicago since we are truly amazed to see your lost smile coming back to you. Come to us and get your problem resolved in no time! You must have been dealing with a feeling of disgust while looking at the damaged back glass of your iPhone daily and would be wishing that some miracle happens that brings the shine back in your iPhone’s life! Well! Then, this is the right spot for you! Our repair center is meant just for you! We exercise the true potential of the iPhone repair expertise of our repair professionals and put it to good use by helping you and many alike with similar issues coming to us for some quick-fix solutions. 

Our company’s mission is never to make a customer wait, committing to a ‘quick repair service’. 

We Fix Broken Back Glass on iPhones

We fix cracked back glass for all iPhone models, Apple introduced glass back starting from iPhone 8 and up to add wireless charging to there devices. We use laser machine to remove the broken glass to offer fast and affordable glass repair, with laser repair time is around 1.5 hours.

Steps to replace the back glass on an iPhone

  1.  Back Glass Cutting with Laser Machine.
  2.  Glass Removal and back cleaning for small glass particles.
  3.  Apply cold press glue for strong bonding.
  4.  Install a new Glass.
  5.  Clamped it for at-least 30 to 40 mins for strong bonding.
  6.  Hurray your phone will be like new and ready for pick up.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once I replace the back glass, My iPhone wireless charging still work?

After replacing the back glass on your iPhone still the wireless should work like normal.

I broke my iPhone back glass, how long it takes to replace it?

Time to fix any iPhone back glass is in between 1 hour and half to 3 hours, it depends on model of the phone.

Do I need to replace the broken back glass on my iPhone asap or I can fix it later?

It is highly recommended to replace as soon as possible, if you give more time than the dust or liquid can damage many other parts.

How much to fix back of an iPhone?

Don’t worry about repair costs, We provide very affordable iPhone Back Glass Repair.

Our iPhone back repair starts from $69 and changes based on the model of your iPhone.

Do I loose any information from my iPhone, while fixing the broken back glass?

We are not working on software, we are working only on hardware of your phone, 99% there is no chance of loosing any information from the phone . But still we highly recommend all our customers to do backup for safe side.


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