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Samsung Screen Repair Prices

Samsung Galaxy S Screen Repair Price List

Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G$349
Galaxy S24 Plus 5G$229
Galaxy S24 5G$219
Galaxy S23 FE$199
Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G$349
Galaxy S23 Plus 5G$229
Galaxy S23 5G $219
Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G$339
Galaxy S22 PLUS 5G$199
Galaxy S22 5G$199
Galaxy S21 FE$189
Galaxy S21 Ultra$294
Galaxy S21 Plus$219
Galaxy S21$199
Galaxy S20 FE 5G$159
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G$259
Galaxy S20 Plus 5G$249
Galaxy S20 5G$229
Galaxy S10 Lite$189
Galaxy S10 5G$249
Galaxy S10 Plus$229
Galaxy S10$209
Galaxy S10e$149
Galaxy S9 Plus$179
Galaxy S9$159
Galaxy S8 Plus$179
Galaxy S8$169
Galaxy S7 Edge$159
Galaxy S7$119

Samsung Galaxy Note Screen Repair Price List

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G$299
Galaxy Note 20 5G$239
Galaxy Note 10 Plus$289
Galaxy Note 10 Lite $189
Galaxy Note 10$229
Galaxy Note 9$209
Galaxy Note 8$189
Galaxy Note 5$119

Samsung Galaxy J Screen Repair Price List


Samsung Galaxy A Screen Repair Price List

A52 4G/5G$159
A22 5G$89
A14 5G$89
A32 5G$89

Get Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Cracked Screen Fixed Today

With the advancing technology, smartphones are getting smarter, slimmer, and glassy by this, they are turning delicate. A slight hit or a drop can break the screen of this super special baby of yours. Considering that, even after being extra cautious, sometimes, you do end up damaging this indispensable element of our lives in some way or the other.

The LCD screen inside the Samsung phone is essential for its proper functioning. So, what can be done if your Samsung phone slows down or the front screen gets scarred? Now You Don’t have to worry Cell N Comp Repairs is one step solution for all your problems! We, here, offer a nonparallel Samsung screen repair service comparable to entire Illinois. It’s not simply boasting, but innumerable clients have benefited from our reasonable, prompt, and doorstep services. Yes, you read it right! We go to you, saving you the effort and precious time capitalized elsewhere.

So, please do not waste your time further in scouting for the centers providing Samsung Phone cracked screen repair; check us out. So, without wasting any time searching for Samsung repair service points, come to us straight away!

Do you have a broken Phone Screen? We’re Confident You’ll Choose Us after Screening!

Lines visible on your phone screen or blurred spots clouding the front surface indicate the impairment. What your phone needs now is immediate attention for curing the ailment. You have to reach out to our service center. By simply reaching our Cell Phone Repair center, you are 1 step nearer to having a functional Samsung phone. Our well-trained professionals are always eager to help you out most warmly and courteously. So, if your Samsung phone has a cracked screen, our expert technicians can come to your rescue by repairing your Samsung screen in a quick time.

Their promptness and professionalism are sure to win you over. Our guarantee in Samsung Phone screen scratch repair is that our customers are special, and we shall not add on to their woes a bit. So, regardless of whichever model and state of the screen you hand in your Samsung phone, our adroit professionals will make your device run in stellar condition. Also, no matter how your Samsung smartphone device screen was broken, we will repair it as we take pride in being the leader in screen replacement.

We specialize in Samsung screen repair. We will well handle any deterrence, including a complete breakage. We mend them anew at unbelievably low repair costs. An utterly dysfunctional phone can also be working again. Do you believe that? Yes, it is possible right here, at Cell N Comp Repairs in Chicago.

We give you a speedy recovery of your coveted possession in minutes, all within your affordability gamut. Sounds good! Isn’t it? Then why hesitate? Do not delay further and try us out now. We are just a phone call away. You won’t think of an alternative service center once you visit us as we have excellent service at a very reasonable Samsung screen repair price. That’s our promise!

We depend on our smartphone devices day in and day out, and the kaleidoscope of the broken/cracked/shattered screen of your Samsung phone would make it impossible for you to use it! This is the reason why Cell N Comp Repairs came to Chicago for your rescue! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung covers warranty for cracked screen on my Phone.

No Samsung doesn’t cover any warranty for cracked or damage screen. It cover the warranty for any glitch or any malfunction, but not for any broken parts. So, in that case, you will not be able to get the Samsung screen repaired by the company.

How much it cost to fix my Samsung phone screen.

The cost for the Samsung phone screen differs from model to model. If we know the exact model for your phone then it will be easy for us to give you a price.

If I want to fix my Samsung phone screen, can I get the Original screen.

Yes you can get  Original screen,  brand new or refurbished. No after market screen can set or work properly on Samsung Phone.

My Samsung Phone Screen functionality is good but I see a black spot at the corner, can I use like this or do I have to replace it.

Black spot is know as screen bleeding, yes you can use the phone in that condition, but as time goes the bleeding or black sport generally grows. Once it come to that lever that your can’t use, than you need to replaced the screen or sure.

My Samsung Phone is working it ring and can get a calls. but I don't see any display.

It can be a issue with the screen or display chip which is on main board.

Why do my Samsung Phone doesn't response, even when I connect for charging?

May be the Phone is in a different mode or some time the main board will get dead.

Can I get only glass replacement on my Samsung Phone, or do I need to replace complete LCD?

Yes we do change glass on most of the Samsung Phones, but it depend how bad the screen got shattered and which model. And the prices differ as per the model.

Can I get some information, what kind of screen Samsung use.

Yes sure, Samsung use HARD OLED till S7, S7 edge, NOTE 5 from S8 and NOTE 8 they started using SOFT OLED.


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