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Best Laptop Battery Replacement Service in Chicago, IL

Get your swollen laptop battery replaced at affordable prices from Cell N Comp Repairs.

We can provide Laptop Battery Replacement for all Laptops at the best prices.

Without portability, a laptop is no good! Contact Cell N Comp Repairs today to solve your battery issues and provide you with the best replacement batteries.

The benefits of a laptop are portability and exceptional battery timing. Most professionals, gamers, and other users prefer laptops to carry them around, present on the go, and not have to deal with any issues in case of a power shortage. However, if the laptop battery dies out completely, You will lose the primary feature of portability.

Therefore, most users are looking for urgent replacements if their battery time has declined sharply or the battery has completely died out. Luckily, Cell N Comp repairs can provide critical Laptop battery replacement services at short notice for laptops. Our team can complete the Laptop battery replacement professionally in no time, helping you save considerable sums.

Please read below for details on different types of battery damage and our services. Contact us today!

Most Common Laptop Battery Problems

You may need a laptop battery replacement due to a range of battery problems. Consider some of the most common issues that can help determine if your battery will soon need a replacement:

  • Overheating: If your laptop’s battery gets exceptionally overheated during usage, it is probably either damaged or close to the end of its working life. Ensure that you turn off your computer and unplug the battery immediately for safety purposes.
  • Charging Issues: The most common sign of a dead battery is charging failure. In most cases, the issue starts with the battery slowing down its charging speed and taking a long time to charge. Then, you may notice the red sign next to the charging option determining that the battery is now dead.
  • Run Time Issues: Sometimes, your batter may charge completely in minimal time. However, when you unplug the charger, the battery runs out very quickly, indicating that it needs a replacement. In severe cases, your laptop may shut down as soon as you unplug the charger.
  • Replacement Issues: In modern laptops, you may receive a notice that your battery needs a replacement. It is best to get the battery replaced immediately if such a notice surfaces.

Common Reasons for Battery Damage

It is essential to know the reasons why your laptop’s battery may get damaged. Avoiding these issues can help prolong the life of the replaced battery manifold.

  • Please do not use the battery in a way it was not intended to be used. Sometimes, people try to overcharge the batteries or keep them plugged even after fully charged. They may recharge the battery every 2-3 hours in other cases. Both these ways can lead to severe battery damage in the long term and a replacement requirement.
  • Using the wrong sized battery can be an issue.
  • In some cases, an unclean battery port or excessive dust can cause external damage to the battery.
  • Remember, your laptop’s battery isn’t everlasting. Wear and tear that occur over time is a common reason for battery failure. In time, the cells can get swollen and diet out completely.
  • Severe impact or fall can damage the battery’s internal components or may cause a battery leak in some cases.
  • Using the battery in areas of extreme temperatures is a huge issue. Heating can lead to damage. Using the laptop at room temperature or in a colder place is better.
  • Keeping the battery constantly at a low charge can damage its cells in the long term, often leading to the battery dying out.
  • High-activity programs may not be running on the front end of your business. However, these programs may often run in the back-end, causing severe battery damage.

How Much Would A Laptop Battery Replacement Cost?

Laptop Battery replacement costs vary by the type of battery you need. In some cases, the batteries with lesser cells can cost minimally. However, high-end batteries with fast charging and a longer battery time can cost a couple of hundred dollars. Similarly, If your laptop isn’t compatible with a battery, it cannot be installed. The best method is to reach out to our store Cell n Comp Repairs – Laptop & Cell Phone Repair Store in Chicago to check in detail and provide you with a formal quote for the replacement required. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the laptop battery need a replacement?

Usually, batteries can last for a few years if appropriately handled before they need to be replaced. However, the actual life may vary based on battery usage. Contact Cell n Comp Repairs for Best Laptop Battery Replacement in Chicago.

Can you upgrade my laptop's battery to one with a higher life?

Yes! If compatible with your laptop’s system, we can change your battery to one with more cells and better battery life.

Is the new battery genuine?

Yes! Cell N Comp Repairs provides batteries sourced from the manufacturers and always genuine in quality. With us, you have an assured guarantee of quality.



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