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Get Your iPhone Charging Port fix Same Day.

iPhone Charging Port Repair

What You Get with this Service?

  1. Highest Quality charging port assembly.
  2. Professional Technician Will do the repair.
  3. Warranty on the part & labor.

Who Needs this service?

  1. If your iPhone is not charging.
  2. You have to wiggle to your cable to charge your iPhone.
  3. Charging cable not going all the way or charging port is loose.

Why People Choose Us?

  1. Genuine Customer Satisfaction For Years, Check How Our Customers Appreciate Our Service with 5 Star Rating All Across The Web be it on Yelp, Google or Facebook.
  2. Quick Repair done in 40 Mins By Our Technicians who knows The gadgets inside and out.
  3. Best price guaranteed to fix your iPhone not charging, no hidden charges.
  4. We don’t compromise on quality of the parts we use, that’s why we back it with our part and labor warranty.
  5. We are open 7 days a week. Which is convenient for our customers for schedule a repair at any day of the week.

If You Want To Fix Your iPhone Charging Port?

  1. Click Here Select the model and follow the manual

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