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What You Get?

  1. We use Highest Quality iPhone Parts for all our Repairs.
  2. Our Technician have 10+ years of experience.
  3. Lifetime warranty on the part & labor.
  4. Almost All Repairs are done in 20 mins

Who Needs This Service?

  1. You cracked the glass on your iPhone and it is disturbing in usage?
  2. Dropped your iPhone and broke the LCD and you cannot see anything on the screen?
  3. Water went into your iPhone or you by mistake jumped into the pool and your iPhone stopped working?
  4. Is your iPhone only have half a day of battery life or your iPhone is charging slowly?
  5. If you cannot hear any one calling you on your iPhone or the other person cannot hear you?
  6. iPhone is not charging after some liquid spill?

Why People Choose Us?

  1. Check how our Customers are Satisfied For Years with their fixed iPhone’s, See what our Customers say about us with 5 Star Rating All Across The Web be it on Yelp, Google or Facebook.
  2. fix your broken iPhone at very affordable price.
  3. We don’t compromise on quality of the parts we use, that’s why we back it with our Lifetime part and labor warranty.
  4. Fast service almost all repairs are done while you wait.
  5. Store is open 7 days a week. Which is convenient for our customers for schedule a repair at any day of the week

You want To Fix Your Own Broken iPhone?

  1. Click Here Select the model and follow the manual

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