Detail Inspection Of Why iPhone is Not Powering On

Are you feeling stuck after your iPhone device fails to turn on? Well! This is the most common issue happening with smartphones. Sometimes, when you press the Power button of your iPhone device – nothing happens, and it fails to turn on, and also the screen is black. Your phone does not respond, or maybe it is just stuck at the Apple logo, and after that, it turns off. Following actions can help in reviving your iPhone device.

Why Your iPhone Device Might Not be Turning on?

Most of the time, such an issue when an iPhone device does not turn on happens either due to the battery problem, which might be down, or due to some system glitch, or at times, owing to some corrupted firmware. One can try to resolve these issues. At first, you must start simple and try the actions mentioned below to turn on your iPhone device.

What Can Be Done When Your iPhone Device Is Not Turning on?

You can try out the simple steps given below to turn on your iPhone device when it fails to start even after repeated attempts:

Step 1: Try Charging the Battery of Your iPhone Device.

Possible Issue: Battery Is Low

Quick Fix Solution: Try charging your iPhone device

First and foremost, the obvious thing that can happen would be low battery. Your iPhone might not be turning on because of the low battery unless you are entirely sure that you had plenty of charges left. So, if you are unsure, try plugging the phone into your laptop, PC, or a wall phone charger; and then wait for a minimum of 15 mins. Let it charge until it starts or until it is fully charged.

Step 2 – Try Restarting Your iPhone Device.

Possible Issue: Any system glitch

Quick Fix Solution: Try restarting your iPhone device

If the screen of your iPhone device is showing just black or the phone has become frozen, you can assume that it might not be the battery issue. So, in this case, you need to try then restarting your phone. This restart will not erase any data or content or your phone contacts, so it is safe, and you can try it out. You can try this even if your phone screen is black and even when the phone buttons are not working. For doing this, you first have to hold down the On or Off button present at the top-right side or the right corner of your iPhone device for some time, a few seconds. If your iPhone is off, then it will turn on by doing this step. If it was on earlier, then you might see the slider telling you to turn it off. At times, it might be essential to toggle the Mute switch multiple times before you hold these two buttons for restarting your iPhone device. So, it would be best if you tried out both of these options, then you might need iPhone button repair.

Step 3 – Try the Hard Reset on Your iPhone Device.

Possible Issue: Some system glitch

Quick Fix Solution: Try rebooting your iPhone device

If the above restart step did not help you much, you could try resetting your phone. This hard reset would be like a restart, which clears more of your phone’s memory but not the phone’s storage. So do not worry at all. You will not be losing any of your crucial data by doing this step. Below mentioned are the ways of restarting different iPhone models:

  • iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus can be hard reset by pressing and quickly releasing the Volume Up button. Then, pressing and speedily releasing the Volume Down button. And after that, try pressing and holding the On/Off button till the Apple logo appears.
  • iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus can be hard reset by pressing and holding both the buttons, the On/Off button and Volume Down button, for a minimum of ten seconds till the Apple logo appears.
  • iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone 6s/earlier iPhone versions can be hard reset by pressing and holding both the buttons, Home button, and the On/off button for a minimum of ten seconds till the Apple logo appears.

Step 4 – Try Using the Different Charging Cable of Your iPhone Device.

Possible Issue: Your charging cable might be defective

Quick Fix Solution: Try using a different charger instead

If your phone battery is not charging, you must try unplugging your device and then look towards the connector at the bottom of your phone, thereby ensuring it is free from debris. The charging port of your iPhone might be faulty so you must look into it too. Also, check your power outlets; they may be problematic. Finally, try using some other USB cable(s), another USB power adapter(s), or some other USB port(s). It is recommended to use only the certified lightning cables and chargers, as other low-quality accessories might not support your iPhone device.

Step 5 – Try Restoring Your iPhone Device to Factory Settings with iTunes.

Possible Issue: There can be some firmware problem

Quick Fix Solution: Try restoring your iPhone device

Please take note of the fact that this action would tend to delete all your phone’s data as well as its contents, including videos, songs, photos, contacts, as well as your calendar info. So, make it a habit to regularly backup your iPhone from time to time. For restoring your iPhone device to factory settings using iTunes, you can follow the steps given underneath:

  • First, ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes
  • Then, connect your phone to a PC using the cable, which came with your phone
  • Now, choose your iPhone device once it appears on iTunes
  • After that, find the button (Restore iPhone)
  • And, click this button (Restore iPhone)
  • Then, press confirm
  • iTunes will now download your device firmware file and restore it
  • Your phone will now restart after being restored to factory settings
  • Finally, you can slide to set up your phone as new, or you can even use a previous backup if you have it

If Nothing Works!

If none of the above-given solutions worked in your case, then it is pretty much possible that your device is broken and needs immediate repair from a professional. You can come to Cell N Comp Repairs and get our repair experts to identify your problem and fix it. Our iPhone repair store in Chicago is an authorized center of excellence known for carrying out iPhone repairs with perfection.


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