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One of the most loved gadgets in today's time by Schools, Offices & Homes, has evolved as an alternative to a laptop with a lot more features built-in it, iPad has become one of the vital parts of most operation in daily life.

With this said, it is a very fragile and sensitive device that tends to break with rough usage or by an unwanted drop; whenever you face any issue with your iPad and you live in Chicago.

Don't hesitate to call Cell N Comp Repairs; we will resolve any problem with your iPad, be it Screen, Battery, Charging port, or more. Our expert technicians have over eight years of experience fixing iPads, so your device will be repaired by one who knows the device in and out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

iPad shows charging but it wont charge, what can me the reason?

First check the charger and electric outlet, if the issue is still. Than they are three possibility for this issue, charging port, battery, or charging  Tristar IC issue.

My iPad glass smashed so bad, is still fixable?

Oh yes, if it is turning on than it is fixable.

I stepped on my iPad and screen got cracked and the frame bend. Can it get repaired?

Does your iPad still works, if it is than you don't have to worry. Cell N Comp Repairs can fix the screen and frame too.

The home button of my iPad got broken and its not working at all, how can I fix it?

Cell N Comp Repairs fix all kind of apple products, we can fix the home button too, all the functionality is going to work except the finger print.


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