iPad Button Repair

We Fix iPad Power, Volume & Home Button Issues

Apple iPad Button Repair Prices

iPad Series

ModelHome ButtonVolume ButtonPower Button
iPad 8$89$89$89
iPad 7$89$89$89
iPad 6$89$89$89
iPad 5$89$89$89
iPad 4$69$69$69
iPad 3$69$69$69
iPad 2$69$69$69

iPad Mini Series

ModelHome ButtonVolume ButtonPower Button
iPad Mini 4$89$89$89
iPad Mini 3$79$79$79
iPad Mini 2$79$79$79
iPad Mini$79$79$79

iPad Air Series

ModelHome ButtonVolume ButtonPower Button
iPad Air 4 N/A$169$169
iPad Air 3$139$139$139
iPad Air 2$89$89$89
iPad Air 1$89$89$89

iPad Pro Series

ModelHome ButtonVolume ButtonPower Button
iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Gen) N/A$199$199
iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen) N/A$199$199
iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd Gen) N/A$179$179
iPad Pro 12.9 (1st Gen)$99$99$99
iPad Pro 11 (3nd Gen)N/A$169$169
iPad Pro 11 (2nd Gen) N/A$169$169
iPad Pro 11 (1st Gen) N/A$169$169
iPad Pro 10.5$99$99$99
iPad Pro 9.7$99 $99$139

iPad Button Replacement

If your iPad has issues with the home button, power button, or volume button, then your iPad might not be completely broken, and replacing it should fix your iPad.

Replacing any button on an iPad is a complicated repair because doing any repair requires careful disassembling without damaging other parts. We recommend that a professional should do this repair.

Here at Cell N Comp Repairs, we offer all iPad repairs for a reasonable price. Give us a call or drop your iPad into our store.

Cost to replace a broken iPad button

What is the cost to replace a broken iPad button? Well, probably much cheaper than you might think. The cost to replace a broken iPad button varies depending on which button you need replacing and what model and generation of iPad you have.

First of all, check whether you have Apple Care, because if you do, then this should cover it. However, if Apple Care or any other insurance does not protect you, you may need to pay anything from $99 to $300 for an iPad button repair. The age of your iPad will help you to gauge whether this expense is worth it.

Types of buttons we repair on iPad

The most common broken iPad button that we repair is the home button. A broken home button is a common problem, but it's essential to establish whether you have a software or a hardware issue first of all. When you press the home button on your iPad, the software tells it what to do, and if this is not working, it could simply be a glitch. 

If you have a home button issue, you will be pleased to know that Apple offers a temporary solution in 'Assistive Touch' When you switch on Assistive touch, a virtual home button will appear on your screen and serve the same purpose as your home button. 


We repair all types of buttons on iPads, including the power button, volume button, and silent button. If any of these are causing you problems, then they may need repairing or replacing. However, If you have any other issues with your iPad, you can check the list of iPad Repairs We provide at our store.

Other common iPad issues we fix

If it’s not an iPad power, home, or volume button replacement you are looking for, you may have another problem, such as a muffled speaker sound or broken iPad glass. Don't worry We fix them.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 


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