game console repair in chicago

Game Console Repair in chicago

Our game console repair service can get your favorite game console back up and running with ease. Whether you are the owner of an Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, or Xbox one we can service and repair each one of these game consoles and more. We even have original manufacture parts for many retro consoles so that we can bring them back to life.

Our game console repair services can help you in the event of any type of error from overheating to graphics card issues, disk drive problems, power supply problems, storage problems or even a broken HDMI port. Regardless of what may be wrong with your game console we can diagnose the issue as well as provide a comprehensive quote for the cost of replacement and repair.

If you are a serious gamer it can be difficult to go without your game console for a number of days. Our rush repair services are much faster than sending your console back to the manufacturer or using your warranty to receive repairs. Our repairs also utilize manufacturer original components so that you get the same quality repair that you would get from the manufacturer as well. The only difference is that instead of taking months for repairs you can potentially have your repairs back in just a matter of hours.

We have a series of refurbished consoles as well as top quality parts enter inventory that can breathe life into any modern gaming system. We also regularly research into the latest console designs so that we could provide repairs on all of the latest model systems as soon as they come out. We can diagnose all light warnings on your console as well as provide factory resets if needed.

Contact our staff in Chicago today if you are interested in professional game console repair. Don’t let your console simply sit idle, you could be playing all your favorite games right now with our help!

Game Console Repair We Provide in Chicago

  • Disk Not Reading
  • HDMI Port Broken
  • HDD Upgrade
  • Not Powering
  • Charging Port

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