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Get comprehensive Laptop Screen Repair Services in Chicago, IL

Our team can help replace the screen of any laptop, irrespective of the make and model, at the most competitive prices.

Have you damaged the screen of your laptop? Time to get it repaired or replaced by our team of trained and skilled professionals!

Laptops are one of the most common computer types being used worldwide today. Many people own a laptop for work or domestic usage. Additionally, laptops have dominated the gaming space, being used by most gamers for their portability and reliability. However, one common issue faced by most laptop owners is screen damage at some point. In most cases, the damaged laptop screen can be repaired if professional services are available, reducing the immense cost of completing the replacement. You may need complete replacements to make the laptop workable again in other cases.

In both situations, try reaching out to Cell N Comp Repairs today. Our team is skilled in repairing all types of laptop screens, from the traditional LCDs to the modern OLEDs, at the most reasonable prices. All repair tasks are performed in-house, making the process faster than official manufacturer repairs. Plus, we can cater to the screens of any laptop: irrespective of how old or new the model is.

A major issue in laptop screen replacement is diagnosing the correct problem behind the screen damage and ensuring that no other components get damaged during the repair process. Therefore, avoid getting your laptop repaired by unprofessional service providers. Instead, contact Cell N Comp Repairs today for the best services.

Different Types of Laptop Screen Damages We Repair

Our team focuses on providing comprehensive laptop screen repair in Chicago across a range of physical screen issues, including:

  • Pressure Crack and Bleeding: Excessive pressure exerted on the LCD screen can cause damage to a deep crack that may spread sideways as well. We can help replace the screen in case of a pressure crack.
  • Spider Cracks and Bleeding: Spider cracks are common on the side of the screens and require exceptional care to avoid further damage during replacement.
  • Multi-colored Vertical Lines: Older LCD screens may get worn out over time to start showing vertical multi-colored lines that hide the information on the screen behind it
  • White scars: If you notice many white scars on different screen parts, it is time to get your screen replaced instantly.

In the more modern OLED screens, glass breakage or screen panel damage are the most common issues requiring a repair or replacement. Please bring in your laptop today so that our team can access the real cause of the damage and suggest the best way to solve the issue.

Different Causes of Laptop Screen Damage

Determining the root cause of your laptop screen’s damage is extremely important to determine the right repairs for the solution. Some of the most frequent screen damage reasons we encounter are as follows:

  • Stuck Pixels: Due to time, overuse, or electrical damage, the pixels in some screen areas can get stuck permanently. Although they don’t completely hide the laptop vision, a replacement may still be required to return your laptop to peak condition.
  • Screen Burn: The screen can get damaged due to a short circuit. In such cases, the panel may no longer generate the image.
  • Back-light malfunctions: A malfunctioning back-light means the screen does not show any information or is very dull to read.
  • Connector and Cable Issues: Damage to the connection cable of the laptop screen can cause issues in viewing content of the screen, demanding urgent repairs.

Sometimes, the reason for the damage is not physical. Instead, the screen may not work properly due to an outdated driver that must be updated for the screen to function well again.

Should You Get Your Laptop Screen Professionally Repaired?

In case of any visible physical damage, it is best to contact Cell N Comp Repairs instead of DIYing the repair process. Our team can examine the screen and help avoid any further damage. However, if the issue is related to the back-light, stuck pixels, or connector issues, you may solve the problem through DIYing at home. Try replacing the connector cable, restarting the laptop, or updating the driver before seeking professional support. If none of it works, our team is always available to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your repair the screen of a Dell Inspiron Laptop?

Yes! We can repair the screens of any laptop, including the latest Dell Inspiron, Latitude, or Alienware. Bring in your computer today for professional repairs.

How expensive are laptop screen repair services?

The cost of the screen repairs varies based on the laptop make and model, screen availability, the extent of damage, and the effort required to bring the screen into working position. Contact us today to provide a formal quote based on the condition of your laptop.

Can you fix the screens of old laptops?

Yes! We can easily fix the screen of older laptops, including the ones officially discontinued by the manufacturer. Contact us today for more information.



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