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Dell Keyboard ReplacementStarts From $59
HP Keyboard ReplacementStarts From $59
Toshiba Keyboard ReplacementStarts From $59
Acer Keyboard ReplacementStarts From $59
MSI Keyboard ReplacementStarts From $59
Lenovo Keyboard ReplacementStarts From $59
Asus Keyboard ReplacementStarts From $59
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#1 Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service in Chicago, IL.

We have replacement keyboards for all laptop make and model.

Are you facing issues with some of the keys on your laptop’s keyboard? Maybe it’s time to consider a Laptop keyboard replacement.

Even the best laptop with the highest quality specs will become useless for the user if the keyboard becomes faulty. Think of how difficult it is to complete your work if only a few keys on the keyboard stop working? We receive many queries if replacing a keyboard is possible without damaging the laptop or causing exceptional expenses for the user. The answer to both queries is yes!

Our team can work on any laptop make and model to replace the keyboard and bring your laptop to peak working condition. We have replacement keyboards available in-house for added convenience, making it easier for the client to find an accurate replacement. In most cases, Laptop keyboard replacements are required for older laptops, where finding the right keyboard may become difficult for the user. With Cell N Comp Repair, the difficulty no longer exists.

Consider getting your keyboard replaced as soon as it becomes faulty. Early replacement can protect the internal components and help your laptop last longer. Reach out to us today and get a personalized quote for the repairs required by visiting us in the City Of Chicago Store.

Major Issues Causing Damage or Problems In The Keyboard

Given its embedded nature, faulty keyboards provide a tough time to most repair in determining the cause of the failure. However, our team of professionals is well-versed in dealing with all such issues, resolving multiple queries regularly. Consider the following main reasons for keyboard damage:

  • Connectivity Issue: Sometimes, the connection cables joining the keyboard to the computer’s motherboard may be damaged or faulty, resulting in a connection failure. Reinstalling the keyboard physically can solve the issue in most cases. However, the cable may require replacement if re-installation does not work.
  • Broken Pink: The pin in the plug may become bent or damaged due to impact, fall, or continuous removal of the keyboard. The best option is to replace the keyboard in this scenario.
  • Driver Updates: Before performing a replacement, our team checks to ensure that the keyboard’s faulty nature is not due to the driver being outdated. A driver update solves the issue in this case.

Apart from these aspects, older keyboards may get damaged due to system failure caused by short-circuit, water damage, excessive dirt inside the keys, and other related issues. The best option is to get your keyboard checked by Cell N Comp Repairs for a formal diagnosis.

How Our Team Performs the Laptop Keyboard Replacement?

The exact replacement method may vary based on the laptop’s make and model. However, in most cases, the general process followed by our team is as follows:

  • Behind the F8 key on the keyboard, a pin holds the keyboard on the system. We push this button backward to remove the keyboard through a plastic tool.
  • All other pins on the side of the keyboard are pressed to bring out the keyboard fully.
  • We remove the ribbon cable first to avoid damage to the connection system before removing the keyboard.
  • The new keyboard is connected and inserted back firmly into place.

The Costs of Laptop Keyboard Replacement

The Laptop keyboard replacement service varies greatly in customers’ costs based on the laptop they use. Some laptops, especially older ones, use cheap keyboards that can be stocked easily. For such laptops, the replacement costs are significantly low. On the other hand, if you use an Apple MacBook Pro or a gaming laptop, you need a specific keyboard for accurate replacement. In such cases, the costs can become significantly higher. Reach out to our team to help determine the exact costs of the replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace a few keys on my keyboard?

It is possible to replace a few keyboard keys in some cases instead of getting the entire Laptop Keyboard Replacement. The keys that use lever clips can be inserted in the place of the original keys. However, the process is technical and may not be performed by every technician properly. Therefore, it is best to choose Cell N Comp Repairs for this task.


How long do replacement keyboards last?

Replacement keyboards can last a significant while if they are handled properly. Avoiding dirt, dust, and water-based damage can help ensure your keyboard performs well in the long term.


Why should I select Cell N Comp Repairs over official manufacturer keyboard replacement services?

There are two prime benefits of selecting our service. First, we replace the keyboard in-house, providing immediate services. The same is not the case with manufacturer-based replacements. Secondly, we charge considerably lower than official replacements as well.




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