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Get your laptop hinges repaired by professionals in Chicago, IL

Our team can repair hinges on any laptop within no time.

Are you noticing that your Laptop screen is falling backward every time you open the laptop? It is time to get your laptop hinges repaired by professionals.

A laptop LCD is supported by hinges that help it stay in position when the laptop is open. The same component helps move the screen every time you open and close your laptop. The typical two hinges on your laptop are not invincible. Instead, most of them can wear out with time and become loose enough to hold your screen anymore.

It is possible to delay the damage with proper care of your laptop. However, preventing the damage completely isn’t possible. However, consider contacting Cell N Comp Repairs before you think of replacing your laptop due to a loose screen hinge. Our team is skilled in repairing your laptop’s hinges through technical methods that can help avoid a complete laptop replacement.

Laptop hinges may require replacement if they are completely damaged, which can be performed by our team as well. Fortunately, we also have the replacement parts available to ensure fast, quality, and in-house services. Read ahead to find out more. If interested, contact us today!

Types of Laptop Hinge Conditions

To understand what type of repair services you require, it is crucial to know the three main types of hinge conditions we categorize your laptop in when brought in for a diagnosis:

  • Good Hinge Quality: Usually, a brand-new laptop has perfect hinges that can hold your screen firmly into position when working on the computer. There is no wiggling or movement of the screen with such hinges during usage. Most people facing an issue with such hinges require a professional clean only to remove any dirt or dust blocking the hinge’s movement.
  • Worn Out Hinges: With time, the ends of the hinges may start to wear out due to constant movement and friction. As a result, the laptop screen may wiggle when the laptop is slightly moved. Similarly, when lifting the screen, you may not face any resistance from the hinges as well. Professional repairs at this stage can bring the hinges back to top condition without requiring a complete replacement.
  • Damaged Hinges: If your screen slams down or bends backward when you try to open it, your laptop’s hinges have become completely damaged. In this case, complete replacement is required. The hinges are removed from the laptop’s screen and base, and new hinges are put in their place instead.

How To Avoid Laptop Hinge Damage?

We try to ensure that our clients never face the same issue with their laptop hinges again. After our repair and replacement services, please consider the following precautions:

  • Excessive force must be avoided when opening or closing the laptop screen.
  • Always open the screen from the mid instead of the corners.
  • Avoid picking up or turning your laptop position by holding the screen.
  • Avoid leaving your laptop semi-open to ensure privacy: it can lead to hinge damage.
  • Always close your laptop screen when transporting it.

Types of Laptop Hinge Damage:

Laptop hinges can get damaged due to many reasons. Some of the leading causes that may lead to a laptop hinge repair requirement are as follows:

  • Impact damage due to rapid movement: rapidly moving the hinges can cause friction which can wear out the ends of the hinges completely.
  • Sometimes, pushing the screen backward too hard can lead to the hinge breaking completely.
  • Slamming the screen may lead to a severe impact on the hinges, damaging their movement.
  • Fall or serious impact on the laptop can move the hinges out of their correct position.

A huge issue is corrosion as well. Regularly using your laptop is important because leaving the laptop opened or closed in a single position for a long time can cause corrosion of the steel inside.

The Costs of Laptop Hinge Repairs

Hinge repairs can be costly, given the delicate nature of the repair task. The exact cost can vary based on the extent of damage and your make and model. However, it is crucial to note that the screen is not damaged. Hinges are separate from your actual LCD, removing the need to change the screen in case of faulty hinges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my laptop hinges can be repaired or need replacement?

The best way is to reach out to Cell N Comp Repairs. Our team can check everything in detail and determine if a repair can solve the issue without replacement.

How many hinges are there on the laptop?

Most laptop screens have two hinges. Sometimes, only one hinge may require replacement or repair based on the damage.

Is laptop hinge repair time taking?

If the replacement hinges are available, our team can complete your laptop hinge repair in minimal time.




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