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HP DC Jack RepairStarts From $79
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Get Best Laptop DC Jack Repair Services in Chicago, IL

Our team can fix DC jacks for all laptop makes and models: contact us today!

If you are facing issues with your laptop’s charging system, try to contact our team for Laptop DC Jack Repair at affordable prices.

The biggest benefit laptops have over traditional desktop computers is the exceptional portability due to the inbuilt battery system. However, many issues over time can cause the DC power jack on your laptop to malfunction. In some cases, the power cable may get disconnected now and then. In other cases, it may not charge the battery in the first place.

Getting your laptop DC power jack is a technical task and needs to be performed by professionals to avoid any severe damage. Fortunately, people in Chicago can get the best laptop DC jack repair services here at Cell N Comp repairs. Our team can solve the entire issue in minimal time, ensuring that your laptop can charge again easily.

Having their laptops intact is extremely important for gamers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. A faulty DC jack is the last thing they need. Thus, feel free to reach out and let our team help you solve the issue.

How To Determine If the Laptop DC Jack Repair is Required?

People without technical knowledge of the laptop’s operation can still determine if they need to contact Cell N Comp repair for a failing laptop DC jack if they notice the following issues:

  • Unstable Power Supply: If your laptop screen shows constant notifications of the power cable being attached and removed, there may be an issue with the DC jack. A faulty DC jack can lead to power flickers and remove the stable current required to charge the battery. Charging your laptop with such a power jack can cause severe battery damage. Such instability is due to cracks, short-circuits, or breakage in the DC jack, which can be repaired by our team in-house.
  • Plugged In – Not Charging Notice: You may sometimes receive notifications on the battery charging system that while the laptop is plugged in, the battery isn’t charging. If the DC power jack has an issue, the battery may take more time than usual to charge.
  • Holding the Cable: Sometimes, your laptop may charge only if its cable is held in a specific manner. In such cases, the DC jack is either loosened or damaged and requires instant repairs. Holding the cable in a certain position can help stabilize the power supply as a temporary remedy.

Causes of Damage to the Laptop DC Jack

As the prime Laptop & Cell Phone Repair Store in Chicago, the focus of our services is not only to repair but help avoid future damage to your DC Jack. The following are the most common reasons leading to a laptop DC jack damage:

  • The casing or motherboard of the laptop may not provide the correct reinforcement to the power jack system, which can cause serious system stress.
  • Parts can loosen over time due to wear and tear. Such loosening can destabilize the current flow to the laptop.
  • Regularly pulling out the charger harshly or dropping it can also cause the power jack damage.
  • The power jack may move from its original position due to impact.

Such issues can lead to different types of damage to the power jack system:

  • The internal pins on the power jack can retain severe damage, sometimes leading to the entire jack being damaged and requiring repairs.
  • Sparks may generate due to excessive heat in the jack.
  • Pin or charger may get lost and not fit nicely inside the jack.
  • The connection between the jack and the circuit may be completely damaged.

Is It Always Power Jack Issues Causing No Charging?

It is important to note that a faulty power jack is one of the issues causing the battery not to charge appropriately. In some cases, the battery itself may be defective or become unusable, or the electrical supply outlet or the power cable can be the main reasons for the damage. In any case, it is best to reach out to our team. We can diagnose the real issue and suggest the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Any Laptop’s DC Jack Repaired by Cell N Comp Repair?

Yes! Our team is skilled in handling laptops of any make and model. Plus, we can take older laptops no longer formally repaired by the manufacturers. We are popular for our Laptop Dc Jack repair services in Chicago.


How long does it take to repair the DC jack?

Usually, it takes minimal time to repair or replace the DC jack of the laptop. However, we must check the computer to determine the extent of the damage to give a formal estimate of the time required.

Is it better to get a new laptop than to replace the DC jack?

DC jack repairs are usually very economical and can save you considerable sums if you are content with the current laptop.



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