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Game Console Hard Disk Upgrade Prices

Model500 GB SSD With Installation1 TB SSD With Installation
PlayStation 3$169$199
PlayStation 4$169$199
PlayStation 4 Slim$169$199
PlayStation 4 Pro$169$199
PlayStation 5$189$229
Xbox One $139$199
Xbox One S$139$199
Xbox One X$139$199
Xbox Series S$159$229
Xbox Series X$159$229

Best Console Hard Disk Repair & Upgrade Service in Chicago, IL

Have a faulty console hard disk, or the disk space is running out? Don’t worry! Cell N Comp Repairs can repair your hard disk instantly!

Hard Disks are an essential component of most modern video gaming consoles. Without one, playing a game could become impossible. However, Cell N Comp Repairs can get the issue fixed quickly!

What are Game Console Hard Disk Repair?

Hard disks play an essential role in many video gaming consoles. Usually, there are two types of hard disks installed. First, there are gaming consoles with restricted hard disks. Such drives can not store entire games. However, they save information regarding saved games and the console bios. With a faulty hard disk, the console may not load properly, your data may be erased, or you may lose out on some console features. For any serious gamer, a faulty hard disk is like console cancer: their data is always at the stake of being erased.

Therefore, our Cell N Comp Repairs team offers complete hard disk repairs for video game consoles. For us, dealing with a faulty hard disk is a piece of cake! From the earliest HDD drives to the latest SSD ones, we can repair all hard disks in-house in minimal time. Most customers get their console back in perfect condition within 1-2 days. In case you need a replacement, we offer genuine replacement hard disks for all types of video gaming consoles. Each product is offered at wholesale and affordable prices, ensuring that every gamer gets the best hard disk repair services in Chicago. Consider hiring our video game hard disk repair services and get your faulty hard disk repaired today!

Problems With Video Game Hard Disks.

Usually, a video game hard disk can face many different problems. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the main problems you may notice. If any such problem occurs, contact our team immediately to keep your data safest in case any of these issues emerge:

  • The hard disk either does not load or gives up during the process.
  • Excessive noise from the hard disk.
  • The data gets corrupted or is erased automatically.
  • The system gives a fault or error regarding the hard disk condition.

Types of Hard Disk Repairs

Hard disk repairs can be divided into two different categories: physical and logical. Luckily, our handy team has skilled professionals to deal with both kinds of repairs. Hard disk errors can be caused by bad sectors, virus attacks, human errors, power supply issues, overheating, and a shutdown. Here are the types of hard disk repairs provided by Cell N Comp Repairs:

  • Virus Checks

Our team uses specialized antivirus software suited to check the safety and security of video gaming consoles.

  • File System Checks

Sometimes power failure can cause an issue in the video gaming console’s file system. The best way to workaround is to get your file system checked formally.

  • Data Recovery Issues

If you lose your data due to hard disk failure, our team can help you recover it. For many multiplayer online games, gamers need their saved data to maintain their rank and enjoy their victory. For us, making sure they can get this data back is our prime responsibility.

  • Physical Damage

Sometimes, the hard disk chip or nodes can get damaged due to overheating, excessive electricity, or short-circuit. Our team repairs all these issues immediately and ensures the complete safety of the hard disk drive during the procedure.

  • Replacement

In case the hard disk is beyond repair, the video gaming console may require a hard disk complete change. We offer only genuine hard disks from the most trustable vendors. Therefore, all replacements we provide have a long life and guarantee quality performance.

Why Choose Cell N Comp’s Video Game Console Hard Disk Repair Services in Chicago?

Before making the final choice of whom to consider for your hard disk repairs, consider the benefits of selecting our firm:

  • All repairs are performed with extreme care to ensure no damage to the console.
  • Hard disk data is secured before performing any repairs to ensure that the data is not wasted.
  • Every hard disk replacement device we provide is genuine and comes with a manufacturer warranty.
  • We offer a complete replacement in minimal time.

Hard Disk Repair Terms

Video console hard disk is a technical and risky task. Despite extreme care, issues may emerge, resulting in data loss. Therefore, we request all our customers to ensure that they are aware of the risks involved in the service. For us, transparency of the service is as crucial as adequacy. 

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Want to get your hard disk repaired for your favorite video gaming console? Contact us to Reach out to our team today and quote the most suitable price for the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my hard disk be replaced in-house, or do you need to send my console to the manufacturer?

Service time is our prime competitive edge. With our qualified and well-placed in-house team, we don’t need to send the console out to anyone! Every repair is performed in-house, and we ensure you can get the corrected hard disk in minimal time. For Console Hard drive upgrade of any types of game consol, Please visit our store in Chicago. 

Are your services affordable?

Our video game console hard disk repair services are the cheapest in Chicago. Everyone can afford them easily. We understand that most video gamers are students who love to play in their free time. Therefore, we ensure our prices can be afforded by them easily.

How can I save money on my hard disk replacement?

A skilled technician can often perform the required hard disk repairs in a fraction of the amount required for complete replacement. We offer high-end hard disk repairs services to ensure that you do not need to overspend on replacements now and then.


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