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Game Console & Controllers Charging Port Repair Prices

ModelCharging Port
Nintendo Switch$89
Nintendo Switch Lite$89
Nintendo Switch OLED$129
PlayStation 5 Controller $59
PlayStation 4 / 3/ Pro / Slim Controller $39
Xbox Series X (2020) $59
Xbox All Controller$39

Get your Console Charging Port Repaired with Experts.

Got your console’s charging port damaged accidentally? Consider the high-end console charging port repair services Cell N Comp Repairs provides to get it sorted out at affordable rates.

What is Video Game Console Charging Port Repairs?

Many video game consoles have inbuilt charging ports. These ports can serve multiple different purposes. For example, in handheld video gaming consoles such as the PSP, these charging ports help to charge the console itself before usage. Such charging ensures greater portability of the console in most cases. On the other hand, many modern gaming consoles have to charge ports for their attached components. For example, the wireless video game controllers provided with PS5 and Xbox one can be charged through the video game console system before they are used. Such charging reduces the need for replacement batteries. However, charging ports can get damaged very quickly due to regular usage and the removal/insertion of wires. 

You may face issues with charging your console or console components in such cases. Don’t worry! In any such situation, Cell N Comp Repairs is ready to provide you with high-end repair services in minimal time. Console charging port Repair is tricky due to its size and relative placement. Even a tiny mistake may damage the dock entirely.

Therefore, Cell N Comp Repairs hires only the most efficient and well-trained professionals from the industry to complete all repair procedures. In case the charging port is damaged beyond repair, our team of experts can replace the port as well. With our classy in-house services, there remains no need to send out your gaming console for repairs elsewhere, reducing the time needed to perform and deliver high-end services.

Different Types of Charging Port Problems

Our Cell N Comp Repairs team offers comprehensive video game console charging port repairs. Consider our service if any of the following things occur related to your charging port. Please avoid delaying service, as any delays could lead to permanent port damage:

  • Inserting the charging cable takes considerable time before the charging starts.
  • The charging cable does not fit perfectly into the port.
  • The port has any broken components or parts that fall out of it.
  • The charging port is no longer in actual place but has moved either towards the side or back.
  • Charging does not occur even when the cable has been inserted in the port for a while.

Before bringing the console for charging port repair, try changing your cable. In most cases, the damage is related to the cable instead of the port itself. Consider contacting our team beforehand to help you detect if a console charging port repair is needed.

  1. Types of Console Charging Port Repairs We Provide

Cell N Comp Repairs provides a range of high-end charging port repair services. Consider hiring our services in any of the following situations for fast and beneficial output:

  • Cleaning

Sometimes, the charging port requires deep cleaning to remove any debris that may be hindering the cable’s path and causing issues with the charging. Such services are highly affordable and can be completed in minimal time.

  • Broken Component

A single node or broken part of the charging port may be repairable without changing the complete port itself. Let our team diagnose the issue and check whether a broken component repair is possible.

  • Short Circuit.

We scan the device completely to locate any issues with the wiring or other components damaging the charging port. Such problems are not related to the charging port. Instead, it consists of the wires and framework leading to the charging port.

  • Complete Replacement

A charging port beyond repair may require complete replacement. Please note that charging on both the sending and receiving end may require comprehensive replacement services. In such cases, we offer quality replacement parts that have been fetched from the best resources. All replacements are completed in-house in minimal time.

Why Choose Cell N Comp’s Video Game Console Charging Port Repair Services in Chicago?

Charging port repair services are delicate and require extreme technical ability. Without proper handling and technical expertise, a faulty repairing process may damage the gaming console ultimately. In some cases, it can cause damage to the cable as well. Considering hiring our services for console charging port repairs for the following reasons:

  • We offer all services through trained and professional technicians. All charging ports are handled professionally to avoid damage to the port or surrounding components.
  • Service time is minimal. Most customers get their console back in peak condition within a single day.
  • Your console never leaves our store! All repairs are handled within and not offloaded anywhere. This way, your device is constantly under our protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get my PSP charging repaired by Cell N Comp?

Yes! Despite the product no longer being officially supported by the manufacturer for repairs and replacement, our team works around a way to bring it back into perfect condition. We work with all traditional and outdated gaming consoles. A single great game can connect a gamer to the gaming console forever. Cell N Comp Repairs understands this aspect and ensures that all gaming consoles can be corrected in-house. Call us now and get Console Charging Port Repair at Best Prices.

Are gaming consoles handled instore ?

We do not send out your gaming console anywhere. Our team performs all corrections and repairs. Charging port repairs are usually performed at our outlet in front of the customer to ensure their satisfaction.

What prices are charged for charging port repairs?

The exact prices can be quoted only after checking the level of damage a charging port has sustained or the main reason behind the fault. Rest assured, any price we quote shall be a lot slower than the market.


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