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Apple Watch Screen Repair Price List

ModelScreen / GlassOLED / LCD
Apple Watch Ultra (49MM) Screen RepairCall UsCall Us
Apple Watch Series 8 (45MM) Screen Repair$199$229
Apple Watch Series 8 (41MM) Screen Repair$199$229
Apple Watch Series SE 2nd (44MM) Screen Repair$149$209
Apple Watch Series SE 2nd (40MM) Screen Repair$149$179
Apple Watch Series 7 (45MM) Screen Repair$149$209
Apple Watch Series 7 (41MM) Screen Repair$149$209
Apple Watch Series 6 (44MM) Screen Repair$129$189
Apple Watch Series 6 (40MM) Screen Repair$129$189
Apple Watch Series SE (44MM) Screen Repair$129 $189
Apple Watch Series SE (40MM) Screen Repair$129$179
Apple Watch Series 5 (44MM) Screen Repair$129$189
Apple Watch Series 5 (40MM) Screen Repair$129$179
Apple Watch Series 4 (44MM) Screen Repair$119$179
Apple Watch Series 4 (40MM) Screen Repair$119$169
Apple Watch Series 3 (42MM) Screen Repair$119$139
Apple Watch Series 3 (38MM) Screen Repair$119$129
Apple Watch Series 2 (42MM) Screen Repair$109$129
Apple Watch Series 2 (38MM) Screen Repair$109$129
Apple Watch Series 1 (42MM) Screen Repair$79$99
Apple Watch Series 1 (38MM) Screen Repair$79$89

Fix Your Cracked iWatch With Local Experts in Chicago

Apple Watch has been one of the most popular gadgets ever released to the consumer market. People love its quality, build, and features. However, it has its fair share of problems as well. The iWatch screen, despite being very sturdy and robust, may break on severe impact. If breakage occurs, getting your Apple Watch fixed can be very costly and may take considerable time.

The traditional way of Fixing An Apple watch involves reaching out to the nearest official store and submitting your watch for an authorized manufacturer repair. The watch must be shipped back to the manufacturer’s warehouse, where the screen is replaced. Then, the repaired watch is sent back to the customer. This entire process takes considerable time. Naturally, it also means that the Apple Watch screen repair cost is high and may not be affordable for most watch owners.

Similarly, many people still own the iconic Apple Watches from the early series. These watches have the added appeal of being some of the first smartwatches in the world. However, in case they get damaged, getting an official Apple Watch glass repair for such items is very difficult. For most, the official screens have been discontinued. Therefore, getting formal repair services is challenging. However, with Cell N Comp Repairs, you can get your Apple Watch screen repaired or replaced in no time.

If your Apple iWatch screen is cracked, blacked out, has lines or black spots, don’t hesitate to stop by your local experienced technicians in Chicago for Apple Watch Screen Repair. Call us Today! Or visit our store.

Types of Apple Watch Screen Repairs

Before understanding the service, we provide, it is essential to know that the Apple Watch’s screen is divided into three different layers, each having different replacement costs:

  • Glass Repairs: The glass is the outside surface that gets cracked when your Apple Watch takes a severe bump or fall. These repairs are the most common and may require a complete screen replacement.
  • Touch System: Sometimes, the Apple Watch’s screen may stop working. Even with no cracks or breakage, it may become unresponsive to the touch commands.
  • OLED Panel: The backlight panel creates the entire display you see on the screen.

Given the delicate nature of the Apple Watch, we can provide repairs of the damaged glass and complete OLED panel repairs. The Apple Watch screen repair services are performed in-house by our team of experts and professionals who can complete the replacement at a minimal cost. Here, the cost of the screen itself is cheaper than the OLED panel. However, the skills required to perform the service are complicated. In most cases, the panel itself is costly. Also, delicate and expensive equipment must be used to perform glass-only repairs. Remember, the complete OLED panel replacement may significantly increase the Apple Watch repair costs. However, the service is comparatively easier to perform as the whole part has to be replaced.

Different Apple Watch models involve different costs of the Apple Watch screen repair. Our team replaces the top glass or digitizer. Additionally, the process is highly technical and requires much effort from our experts to ensure that the device is refurbished correctly.

We Repair All Apple Watches Screen

iWatch display is divided into three layers Glass, Touch, and OLED Panel; Replacing the whole panel is easier and expensive because the cost of the part is huge, whereas replacing just the top glass or digitizer is cheaper, but it requires high-skill experts and special refurbishing devices.

We provide glass-only repairs on all models of iWatch to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers, All the prices listed as the screen is for glass-only repair, and OLED is for complete display assembly.

Why Choose Our Apple Watch Screen Repair Services?

Currently, Cell N Comp Repairs is a few firms in Chicago offering high-end Apple Watch screen repair services for all models. Getting our services can help you in the following ways:

  • Many iconic Apple Watch models from the early series may not be repairable in most places. Their glass screens are different, and official repair is not available. With Cell N Comp Repairs, you can get the Apple Watch repaired quickly.
  • We offer emergency repair services to get your screen replaced at urgent notice.
  • Our team can formally diagnose the issue with the screen. Therefore, we can guide you on whether you require a complete glass replacement or a repair that would work well.
  • We offer the most competitive Apple Watch screen repair cost to our clients.

Other common iWatch issues we fix

If it’s not the screen replacement you are looking for, you may have another problem, such as a bad battery. We also provide Apple Watch Battery Replacement services in Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

How much it cost to repair the iWatch Screen?

The exact cost of the Apple Watch screen repair varies based on the make and model of the watch. Usually, screen repairs of older models cost less as they use older glass versions. Additionally, the level of damaged may also vary the price. If there is only a crack, but the watch is entirely functional, the repair costs will be significantly lower compared to a situation where a complete replacement is needed.

Is my Apple Watch will be water-resistant after the screen gets fixed?

Yes, you may opt for the water-resistant replacement option. However, the actual underlying technology of the watch series you use will determine if the service is possible.

Will the oxygen level & heartbeat measuring sensor in my Apple Watch work After fixing the Screen?

Even at the lowest Apple Watch screen repair costs, we ensure that the device is handled perfectly during the repairs. Therefore, all functions working perfectly before your screen broke shall work perfectly after the screen replacement has been completed. However, it depends on the level of damage the screen has sustained. If the screen has sustained considerable damage, the repairs may affect some areas.

The quality of my iWatch screen would the same after replacing it?

If a screen replacement is being performed, we offer the same quality screen if the watch is newer. However, replacement screens may not be available for the older watches, resulting in a newer screen being used.

Do you send out the Apple Watch to the manufacturer for the repairs?

No! Our team is well-versed in replacing the glass screen of the Apple Watch in-house. Therefore, we can offer faster services that don’t involve sending the watch out of our premises. The exact repair time is determined by the amount of damage to the screen and the type of replacement required. In many cases, you can have your watch back within one day.


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