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Apple Watch are the industries leading smart watch by with you can make calls, send text, access internet and play media without the need of carrying the iPhone with you. Its a sleek and expensive gadget with glass body which have high risk of damaging it with daily usage. We at Cell N Comp Repairs have highly skilled and experienced technicians who can perform all required repairs needed to for your watch.

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Don’t worry if you have a cracked iWatch screen or your battery on your iWatch is not holding the juice We fix them all. Before deciding to trash your watch bring it to us, we will bring it back to life fast and at affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much it cost to get my iWatch Screen Repair?

It depends which series and size of iWatch is yours. The prices differ from size to size and model to model.

I accidently hit my Apple Watch to the staircase, and the screen got smashed very bad, is still the watch is fixable?

Yes if the board is safe and all the cable are intact just the screen got damage than for sure it can be fixable.

I tried to change screen on my iWatch by my self, and I ripe the LCD cable, what are the chances to get my working iWatch back?

If it just the cable  ripe off then it can be 100% fixable, if traces pulled off from the board, than its need to inspect how badly it is damage.

Is it worth to fix my Apple Watch, or should I go for the new one?

It depends which model is your iWatch if it is a latest version than yes it does worth to fix it.


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