Apple Watch Battery Replacement Chicago

If your Apple Watch Battery is draining fast then you needs replace the battery to fix the issue. Bring it to you local experts in Chicago - Call Us Today!

Apple iWatch Battery Replacement Prices

Series 6 (44MM)$119
Series 6 (40MM)$119
Series SE (44MM)$119
Series SE (40MM)$119
Series 5 (44MM)$119
Series 5 (40MM)$119
Series 4 (44MM)$129
Series 4 (40MM)$129
Series 3 (42MM)$79
Series 3 (38MM)$79
Series 2 (42MM)$79
Series 2 (38MM)$79
Series 1 (42MM)$79
Series 1 (38MM)$79
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why does my iWatch battery doesn't last long like before?

When the battery health goes down, the battery issue starts to need to charge again and again. So always need to avoid charging any device for a longer time; once 100% charged, disconnect the device and not keep on charge.

My Apple Watch switches off when I get any call?

Most of the time, this kind of issue occurs when the battery is bad. As a result, it doesn't hold the charge when the load comes on the device.

Recently I am experiencing the Screen of my iWatch is peeling out from the frame?

Only the reason I believe that the screen comes out when the battery swell, I guess at the same time are you experiencing the battery is dying quicker. Then for sure, there is a battery issue.

How do I know that my Apple Watch battery is bad?

When your experiencing the health of your iWatch is down, when you see the battery is draining faster than before, or your Apple Watch taking longer time to charge. These are some symptoms of batteries getting bad.


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